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Advanced Technical Writing

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Advanced Technical Writing. Lecture 14 Writing Letters 31/7/2013. Types of Letters. Cover Letter Acceptance Letter Acknowledgment letters Adjustment letters رسالة تعديل Application letters Complaint letters Correspondence … good news and bad news letters تراسل

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advanced technical writing

Advanced Technical Writing

Lecture 14

Writing Letters


types of letters
Types of Letters
  • Cover Letter
  • Acceptance Letter
  • Acknowledgment letters
  • Adjustment letters رسالة تعديل
  • Application letters
  • Complaint letters
  • Correspondence … good news and bad news letters تراسل
  • Inquiry letters and responses رسالة إستفسار
  • Reference letters ( Recommendation letter)
  • Refusal letters رسالة رفض
  • Resignation letters رسالة إستقالة
  • Technical information letters
  • 0
letter format
Letter Format

Two common Format:

1 - Full Block Style

2 - Modified Block Style

full block
Full Block

Your address

The recipient address


Dear Mr./Ms recipient last name:


Complimentary close

Space for Signature

Typed name

modified block style
Modified Block Style

Your address

The recipient address


Dear Mr./Ms recipient last name:


Complimentary close

Space for Signature

Typed name

  • Establish your objectives
  • Determine your reader’s attitude سلوكand needs
  • Prepare an outline
  • Write the first draft
  • Allow a cooling period
  • Revise the draft


Imagine the reader sitting across the desk

Keep the language neutral

Careful choice of words

cover letter
Cover Letter

Letter of application (cover letter) is a sales letter Main Objective is to get the job interview

  • Identifies the item being sent
  • The person to whom it is being sent
  • The reason for sending it
cover letter1
Cover Letter
  • Each letter should also make specific references to the company and indicate your knowledge of and interest in the work the company is currently doing.
  • The cover letter also allows you to highlight the most important and relevant accomplishments, skills, and experience listed in your resume.
cover letter2
Cover Letter

Should provide the following information

  • Identify an employment area
  • Point out your source of information
  • Summarize your qualification
  • Refer the reader to your résumé
  • Ask for interview
content of the cover letter
Content of the Cover Letter
  • In the first paragraph, you should state what job you are applying for and how you learned about it.
  • You should also state your general qualifications for the job.
  • Pick out the most relevant qualifications listed in your resume and discuss them in detail
  • Be as specific as possible, and refer the reader to your resume for additional details.
  • State where and when you can be reached, and express your willingness to come to an interview or supply further information.
cover latter example
Cover Latter Example
  • John Jackson 34 Second StreetTroy, New York 12180October 4, 1999
  • Mr. James RobertsRecruiting CoordinatorDepartment DRR 1201Database CorporationPrinceton, New Jersey 05876
cover latter example continue
Cover Latter Example Continue

Dear Mr. Roberts:

Your advertisement for software engineers in the January issue of the IEEE Spectrum caught my attention. I was drawn to the ad by my strong interest in both software design and Database.

I have worked with a CALMA system in developing VLSI circuits, and I also have substantial experience in the design of interactive CAD software. Because of this experience, I can make a direct and immediate contribution to your department. I have enclosed a copy of my resume, which details my qualifications and suggests how I might be of service to Database.

cover latter example continue1
Cover Latter Example Continue

I would like very much to meet with you to discuss your open positions for software engineers. If you wish to arrange an interview, please contact me at the above address or by telephone at (518) 271-9999.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Sincerely yours,

Joseph Smith

acceptance letters
Acceptance Letters

This letter is written in order to accept a received job offer. It should be written within a week of receiving the offer. The format is as follow

acceptance letters example
Acceptance Letters Example

230 Elnaser St.

Gaza, Palestine 19/8/2004

Dr. Mohammed Saleh

General Manager

Mechatronics Company

22 Omer Al-moktar St.

Gaza, Palestine

Dear Dr. Saleh:

I am very happy to accept your offer for a position as a computer engineer at a

salary of $1200.00, per a month.

Since graduation in July 25, I plan to move to Gaza from Khan Younes this month. I

should be locating to a suitable living accommodation within a week and be ready to

report for work on Saturday, August 26th. Please let me know if this date OK to you.

I look forward to work for you and join a great team.


Ahmed Ali

Ahmed Ali

acknowledgment letters
Acknowledgment Letters

In this letter you acknowledge receiving an item (letter, box, or something). It serves as a good public relation practice. In this letter you mention what and when items are received in a short and polite manner.

acknowledgment letters example
Acknowledgment Letters Example

Rocky Tech Corp.

112 Jamal Abed Nasser St.

Gaza, Palestine

October 3, 2004

Mr. AymanMajeed, Salesman

102 Mannara Square

Ramalla, Palestine

Dear Mr. Majeed:

I received your shipment of ten digital multimeters today; the shipment seems

To be complete and in good shape. Thank you for sending it on time.

After the multimeters passing our tests, we will send you a check with the last

payment covering the cost of this purchase.


Ahmed Ali,

General Manager

complaint letters
Complaint Letters

When customers are not satisfied with goods and services that are offered by businesses, they write complaint letters asking for fixing these situations. In order to be more effective, the tone of the letter should not be angry. In order to obtain a positive response, you should not vent your anger in the letter. You should state your claim supported by factual evidence and ask for adjustment.

complaint letters example
Complaint Letters Example

Islamic University of Gaza Majed Imran

PO Box 108, Kan Yunis, Palestine

Gaza, Palestine 28, June, 2006

Attention: ECE Department Head

On June 16, I filed for an incomplete grade in the Power Systems course. All the

supporting items were attached which included a medical doctor report, medical

prescription, and the hospital check out papers.

On June 23 I received a denial for my incomplete application without any explanation.

I immediately contacted the department with a note explaining my situation. Not only

I received no explanation but also I was advised to just forget about it.

Please either send me a explanation for the denial or else advise me with the steps

and procedures that I need to take to fix this problem.


Majed Imran

5th year Electrical Engineering student

correspondence letter
Correspondence Letter

The Correspondence Latter Can be:

  • Good news Letter
  • Bad news Letter
good news letter
Good News Letter
  • Good news
  • Explanation or facts
  • Goodwill رضا
good news letter example
Good News Letter Example

Good News

Please accept our offer for the position of assistant professor in the department of electrical engineering at IUG.


if the terms we discussed in the interview are acceptable to you, please come in at 9:30 a.m. on September 5, at that time we will ask you…....

Goodwill example

Everyone here at IUG is looking forward to working with you. We all were very favorably impressed with you during the interview

bad news letters
Bad News Letters
  • Buffer تلقي الصدمات
  • Bad news
  • Goodwill
bad news letters example
Bad News Letters Example


Thank you for your time and effort in applying for the position of assistant professor in the department of electrical engineering at IUG

Bad News

Since we need someone who can assume the duties here with experience, we have selected an applicant with over ten years of experience.


I am sure that with your excellent college record you will find a position in another University.

inquiry letter
Inquiry Letter

Two types:

  • Provides benefit to the reader

Example: Asking about a product the company recently advertised

  • Provides benefits to the writer

Example: Asking the public utility for information on energy-related project you are developing

inquiry letter1
Inquiry Letter


to obtain, within a reasonable period of time, answers to specific questions.

sample letter of recommendation
Sample Letter of Recommendation

XYZ Company123 XYZ Way • New York City • NY • 12345(123) 555-0000 • Fax (123) 555-0001

February 1, 2000

To Whom it May Concern:

I've been Holly Smith's manager for over six years.  While I wish her only the best and fully understand that she

must advance her career, I'm truly sorry to see her go.  It has been a pleasure having her on my team.

Holly is a professional technical writer of the highest caliber, who meticulously researches, formats, edits and

proofs her documents.  I've received many compliments from customers who rely on Holly's

documentation.  Management and personnel in tech support, engineering, technical training, and other

departments praise her work.

Holly is an innovative self-starter, who rarely needs supervision.  She is punctual and typically exceeds

expectations.  She handles pressure well, and will voluntarily work overtime and take work home to meet a

deadline.  For example, we received a rush order from one of our customers for a complex product modification,

including critical user documentation.  Holly not only made the extremely tight deadline, but beat it; yet she still

produced a stellar, technically-accurate addendum for the standard user manual.  Sales, marketing, training and

engineering were quite pleased with Holly's performance in this crunch.  Even our CEO was impressed, and our

customer was ecstatic. 

This is just one example among many of Holly's superior skills and admirable work ethics.

Holly is an invaluable asset to any technical communications department, and I highly recommend hiring her.  If

you'd like to discuss her attributes in more detail, please don't hesitate to contact me.



John Doe

Manager, Technical Communications

Ext. 245,

resignation letter sample
Resignation Letter Sample

[Your Name]

[Street • City • State • Zip Code]

[Phone # • Fax phone # • Messages phone # • Email]

[Date today]

[Recipient's name]

[Company name]


Dear [Recipient's name]:

Please accept this letter as my formal notice of resignation from [Company name], effective [date, two weeks from date above]. The associations I've made during my employment here will truly be memorable for years to come.

I hope a two-week notice is sufficient for you to find a replacement for me. If I can help to train my replacement or tie up any loose ends, please let me know.

Thank you very much for the opportunity to work here.


[Sign here]

[Your name, title]

retirement letter sample
Retirement Letter Sample

Your NameYour Address Your City, State, Zip Code Your Phone Number Your Email


Name Title Organization Address City, State, Zip Code

Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name:

I would like to inform you that I am retiring from my position with Smith Agency, effective August 1.

Thank you for the opportunities for professional and personal development that you have provided me over the years. I have enjoyed working for the agency and appreciate the support provided me during my tenure with the company.

While I look forward to enjoying my retirement, I will miss working for the company. If I can be of any assistance during this transition, please let me know.

Your Signature

Your Typed Name

last assignment
Last Assignment
  • Write a cover letter for any (from internet, newspaper,…) announced job. Need to include the ad.
  • You bought something (computer, book, electronic instrument) from the internet, when you received it was not in good shape. Write a complaint letter to the company.

Due Next Monday 5th