The boston bombings
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Struggles of Islam in America - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Boston Bombings. Struggles of Islam in America. The Event. April 15, 2013 Two Bombs, at Boston Marathon Two suspects, One shot down, O ne charged Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev are the men responsible.

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The boston bombings

The Boston Bombings

Struggles of Islam in America

The event
The Event

  • April 15, 2013

  • Two Bombs, at Boston Marathon

  • Two suspects, One shot down, One charged

  • Dzhokhar and TamerlanTsarnaev are the men responsible.

Islam s profile in america
Islam’s Profile in America

Since the events on 9/11/2001 Muslims in America have been profiled and judged harshly by fellow Americans and this feeling has sprung from a collective ignorance by both Muslims in America, and other citizens as well.

The islamic identity crisis
The Islamic Identity Crisis

  • Views on the issue between Muslim immigrants and Americans explain a crisis regarding young, male Muslim immigrants.

  • They describe a young male with a torn identity, searching for meaning and acceptance.

  • This notion of an identity crisis describes these two men as vulnerable to militant religious ideology because of their disconnect to both the Islamic community and the American way of life.

Americans responsible for the crisis
Americans Responsible for the Crisis?

  • The American media is responsible for this crisis because of the critical view of Muslims.

  • The American attitude pushes Muslims away.

    Watch: Brokaw; What prompts a young man to come to this country and still feel alienated?

Creating extremists
Creating Extremists

  • The American society is afraid of the Muslim religion and this way of thinking is leading to a dangerous separation between the Muslim community and the rest of America.

Boston terrorism but not aurora sandy hook tucson or combine
Boston ‘Terrorism’ but not Aurora, Sandy Hook, Tucson, or Combine

  • Glenn Greenwald’s writing in The Guardian reveled an alarming fact that vicious acts of violence that aim at high death rates are only deemed terrorism by the media if those acts are done by Muslims, the stereotype given to terrorists.

  • Why are events like the Aurora or Combine shootings not considered terrorism?

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Glen greenwald s objection
Glen Greenwald’s Objection or Combine

  • Greenwald illuminates some very good points and facts about our society and media today.

  • That the label of Terrorism and Islam go hand-in-hand in our society.

  • That a sense of nationalism comes to light when Islam or the middle-east is a subject of discussion.

  • This pairing of terrorism and Islam is dangerous and is driving the wedge between the western world and Islam even deeper.

Acts against islam
Acts Against Islam or Combine

  • Following the Boston Bombings, HebaAbolaban, a Muslim woman, was attacked by a man that shouted that Muslims had perpetrated the bombings in Boston.

  • This shows the ignorance of some Americans, that because a couple of extremists did a horrific thing, the act is representative of the religion as a whole.


Struggles of islam in america

Fox news misdirection
Fox News’ Misdirection Aurora is representative of what white, American, males think.

  • The media is forming our views of various issues and groups, and Fox News is one of the most notorious.

  • Fox reported that one of the Boston Bombing suspects sent a message to his mother stating that he would die for Islam.

  • First of all, how did Fox acquire this knowledge, and even if this is true, why is it essential.


Struggles of islam in america

  • Simply saying that you will die for a cause is a loose term. Aurora is representative of what white, American, males think.

  • Many people say they would die for something; and may it be noted that neither suspects died in the bombing.

  • Fox, and other news networks are feeding the Islamic-Terrorist connection and this is poisoning our society, and adding to the struggle of the descent, majority Muslims that believe in peace and non-violence as most Americans, and Christians.

The transition
The Transition Aurora is representative of what white, American, males think.

  • The transition from this terrorist stereotype attached to Muslims needs to be erased and it starts with the media.

  • People need to research the real statistics and values of Muslims and the Islamic belief.

  • The media networks of our nation need to be aware of their influence and the negative impact that the message they’re sending to the American society holds.

Ending notes
Ending Notes Aurora is representative of what white, American, males think.

  • Muslims are not responsible for the Boston Bombings, nor are they responsible for the attacks on 9/11.

  • Specific extremist groups and individuals are and the western society needs to realize this.

Bibliography Aurora is representative of what white, American, males think.

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