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CIM Integration Update

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CIM Integration Update. Linda Clarke David Hackett Murray Nixon. CIM integration continues to be a major challenge for ERCOT. CIM integration is a critical dependency for Nodal Go-Live Challenges for CIM integration include:

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cim integration update

CIM Integration Update

Linda Clarke

David Hackett

Murray Nixon


cim integration continues to be a major challenge for ercot
CIM integration continues to be a major challenge for ERCOT
  • CIM integration is a critical dependency for Nodal Go-Live
  • Challenges for CIM integration include:
    • Stabilization of CIM schema and addition of extensions as required by EMS and MMS
    • Finalization (capture, clean up, validation) of CIM data from multiple sources
    • Coordination of solution across several project teams and several vendors


we are closing on cim schema changes
We are closing on CIM Schema changes
  • Schema
    • Currently on version 1.16 of CIM Schema
  • CIM Data
    • Multiple data sources identified (i.e., Siebel, Registration, Zonal Model seed)
    • Identifying and resolving issues with data sets
    • Market Participant support required to clean up RARF data
  • MMS
    • All MMS extensions have been incorporated in V 1.16 of schema (except changes for defect fixes)
    • Approach to generate test data for V1.16 finalized
  • EMS
    • Anticipating few more iterations with AREVA for schema
    • Extent of work will be known once AREVA CIM importer Pre-FAT is complete


status of nmms readiness
Status of NMMS readiness
  • EDS 2 Release 4 complete
  • NMMS software ready for SEM Go-live
  • NMMS team actively involved in CIM schema finalization and schema data population and validation
  • Determining need for one additional schema release prior to SEM Go-Live


status of mms cim importer
Status of MMS CIM importer
  • MMS CIM importer functioning on V 1.08 of CIM schema
  • Currently testing MMS with V 1.12 of CIM schema at ABB
  • Refactoring of CIM importer will commence after valid test data set delivered for V1.16 of CIM
  • Cannot re-start EDS 4 activities without testing applications on MMS4 using CIM dataset.
  • Cannot complete EDS 4 or start 168-Hour Test before MMS regression test is complete using final CIM schema and dataset


status of ems cim importer
Status of EMS CIM importer
  • EMS CIM importer FAT delayed further
  • EMS CIM importer Pre-FAT assessment scheduled for week of June 09, 2008
  • CIM importer Pre-FAT on V 1.16 of schema
  • Potential to see further issues with CIM schema and data once Pre-FAT begins
  • Stage 1 Network Model data validation for Single-Entry Model Go-Live will not start before EMS CIM importer FAT is complete
  • LFC 8,48 hour tests will re-commence only after data validation is complete

The above dates are vendor committed dates


to summarize
To summarize..
  • Market Participant support is required for RARF data clean up – Dana Showalter will be working with MPs to ensure quality of RARFs
  • Stage 1 CIM Validation - Data Consistency cannot start until EMS CIM importer FAT is complete and comprehensive data set is available from GENESYS, RARFs and other sources
  • Data consistency is critical for Single Entry Model Go-Live and subsequently Nodal Go-Live
  • New target date for Single Entry Model Go-Live will be announced when Nodal integrated schedule is complete
  • Each of the activities and their dependencies will be incorporated into the Integrated Nodal Program Plan