name of app tagline 80 chars max including spaces
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Name of App Tagline (80 chars max, including spaces)

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Name of App Tagline (80 chars max, including spaces) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Put your icon here. Name of App Tagline (80 chars max, including spaces). Team member names and schools/years Team member emails. Spring 2014. (Name of App). Say what it is. Summarize your app in 20s (Be sure to change the “Insert Your App Name” text on the slide master template).

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Presentation Transcript
name of app tagline 80 chars max including spaces
Put youricon here

Name of AppTagline (80 chars max, including spaces)

Team member names and schools/yearsTeam member emails

Spring 2014

name of app
(Name of App)
  • Say what it is. Summarize your app in 20s

(Be sure to change the “Insert Your App Name” text on the slide master template)

the problem
The problem
  • Identify what important problem is solved or need satisfied by the app
  • Show key screenshots of 2-3 top competitors to your app that try to solve the same or similar problem or satisfy the same need/desire
  • Explain how your app is innovative relative to competitors
  • Be as specific as you can
add descriptive title
(Add descriptive title)
  • Use the next set of slides to describe your app ...
    • You can only show screens you have built
    • If you don’t add any time to your total presentation, you can...
      • Incorporate a video if you want
      • Incorporate a live demo if you want
  • You can use photos to tell a story of how it works (e.g., show use out in the real world)
  • DO NOT use sketches
add descriptive title1
(Add descriptive title)
  • On all slides, do not change this font or use a smaller font size
  • Do not change the slide style or background .... focus on content
  • The total presentation should not take longer than 6 minutes, 30 seconds.
    • (So if you insert a video or live demo, your slides should be adjusted accordingly)
add descriptive title2
(Add descriptive title)
  • Do not put too much text or more than 1-2 images on any given slide
  • You only have 20s per slide
add descriptive title3
(Add descriptive title)
  • Images are strongly preferred to text when they can be used to illustrate a concept
  • But...
    • Avoid gratuitous clip art
    • Do not include fuzzy, interpolated images(images should be clear/sharp)
add descriptive title4
(Add descriptive title)
  • Do not put text or images on the slide that people will not have time to read
  • Don’t...
    • Use capitalization That is Not consistent
    • Inclde typos
    • Use punctuation inconsistently.
    • Put periods at the end of all lines (clutters)
    • List code w/o highlighting what is important
add descriptive title5
(Add descriptive title)
  • When you present, stand near the screen (both team members, if there are two of you)
  • Look at your audience not the computer screen (because you know what you need to say because you have practiced!)
  • These slides will advance automatically after 20s, no matter what
add descriptive title6
(Add descriptive title)
  • If you do not practice
  • And practice
  • And practice
  • At least 3 times, or you will get behind your slides and it will be painful to watch
  • You should pick the best presenter to present the project
    • Do not arbitrarily split up the presentation
    • Both team members can answer questions
add descriptive title7
(Add descriptive title)
  • More on your app and what it does
add descriptive title8
(Add descriptive title)
  • Last slide stepping through your app and what it does
tricky programming problem
Tricky programming problem
  • Use the next three slides to step through a tricky programming problem that you overcame that others might be interested in knowing about ... And how you did it
  • Give credit where credit is due for ANY borrowed code, borrowed images, borrowed sounds, etc.
  • If another team helped you out substantially, give them kudos
the future
The future
  • Pick on your app. What could be better? What did you run out of time to do?
  • This is the ONLY slide where you can show a sketch of something you want to
name of your app
(Name of your app)
  • Summarize what your app does and why it will be a killer app!