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Ne-Yo. By Andre Ashton. Biography. Born October 18, 1982 in Arkansas Raised is Las Vegas, Nevada Mother is African American and Chinese decent Father is African America No one knew he even like music. Idols. Michael Jackson Marvin Gay Sammy Davis His mom and dad.

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Ne yo


By Andre Ashton


  • Born October 18, 1982 in Arkansas

  • Raised is Las Vegas, Nevada

  • Mother is African American and Chinese decent

  • Father is African America

  • No one knew he even like music


Michael Jackson

Marvin Gay

Sammy Davis

His mom and dad

Start of his career
Start of his career

  • Male group called, Rumford-Based Quarter Envy

  • Signed with Columbia Records

  • That record deal came to an end

  • Two other record companies passed on Ne-Yo

  • Began to write songs as a career instead of singing

Ne yo song writer
Ne-Yo Song writer

Wrote for Beyoncé, Mary J. Blige, Mario Barrett, Chris Chris Brown, Rihanna, and lastly Michael Jackson

Some of his songs are, “Let Me Love You” “Take a Bow” and “Irreplaceable”

“Let Me Love You” was #1 on billboard top 100 for nine weeks in a row

New career
New Career

  • Signed with Def. Jam, a top record company in the world

  • Produced four albums with Def. Jam

  • Three of the four have gone Multi-platinum

  • 2006- In My Own Words- Platinum

  • 2007- Because Of You- Platinum

  • 2008- Year of the Gentlemen- Platinum

  • 2010- Libra Scale

In my own words
In my own words

#1 for one week on album charts


Two songs on billboard top 100

“So Sick” stayed on the charts for 11 weeks

“Sexy Love” stayed on the charts for 7 straight weeks

Because of you
Because of you

Released album in 2007

#1 on Billboard top 100 albums for first week

Sold over two million records

“Because of You” fifteen weeks on top 100

“When Your Mad” twenty straight weeks

“Go On Girl” three weeks on chart

“Do You” stayed on for only two weeks

Year of the gentlemen
Year of the gentlemen

Released album in 2008

Number two on billboard top 100

“Mad” peaked at number 11, stayed on the chart for 24 weeks

“Closer” peaked at number 11, stayed on the chart for 21 weeks

“Miss Independent” hit its top spot at number 7, stayed on the charts for 24 weeks.

Libra scale
Libra Scale

Released in 2010

Didn’t reach billboard top 100

“Beautiful Monster” debut at number 53, spent 7 weeks on the chart

“One in a Million” started at number 84, seven consecutive weeks on the chart

The cracks in mr perfect
The Cracks in Mr. perfect

New Album, will be released in January, 2012

Ne-Yo claims it will be his best album

Says he let his fans down on the last album

Acting career
Acting Career

  • Starred in Stop the Yard

  • Currently in production on the movie, Red Tails

Song breakdowns history
Song breakdowns/History

Miss Independent

Stop This World

Go On Girl

Miss independent
Miss Independent

  • Rhythm is set up as 1, clap, clap

  • Melody/first verse starts at 0:11.

  • First Chorus begins at 1:06-1:40

  • 1:40 starts the mark of the second verse

  • Second chorus starts at 2:25, sung at the same harmony as the first

  • Third verse begins at 2:45 seconds

  • Bridge comes into play at 3:10 which leads to the final verse and the end of the song

Stop this world
Stop this world

  • Sweeping ballad

  • 0:19 is the start of the song. Very soft tone/voice, first verse

  • 0:45 seconds the main beat comes in

  • 1:08 first chorus begins

  • Second verse starts at 1:48 still with same tone and voice

  • The second verse continues until 2:38, this is the start of the second chorus.

  • Third and final verse begins at 3:08, this is a short verse that goes until 3:30. this leads us to the end of the song

Go on girl
Go on girl

  • Three verses, three choruses, and a bridge

  • First verse beings at 0:22

  • First chorus begins at 0:45

  • Once we get into the second verse at 1:30, you can feel the pain in his voice and the pure emotion

  • 1:54 is when the second chorus begins

  • After the second chorus the third verse begins at 2:40, then 20 seconds later we get into the bridge

  • The third and final verse starts at 3:25, this takes us to the end of the song

Miss independent1
Miss Independent

  • Released on third album

  • Wrote this song for the women who don’t need to depend on men

  • Won two Grammy Awards

  • Best Male Vocal

  • Best RnB song for 2008

Stop this world1
Stop this world

  • Said to be his best love song yet

  • Wrote it about a relationship he had when he was 16

  • Same women Ne-Yo has written several other songs about

  • He said he was “deep in love” and couldn’t stop the word from spinning when he thought about her

Go on girl1
Go on girl

  • Michael Jackson’s favorite Ne-Yo song

  • Written for all the guys who have gotten played, cheated on, or disrespected

  • He has written so many song for women he decided to write for the guys

  • Fourth sings from Because of You album


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