Commemoration of the martyrs of july 30 1975
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Commemoration of the Martyrs of July 30, 1975 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Conmemoración de los mártires del 30 de julio. Commemoration of the Martyrs of July 30, 1975. History on July 30, 1975: .

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Commemoration of the martyrs of july 30 1975

Conmemoración de los mártires del 30 de julio

Commemoration of the Martyrs of July 30, 1975

History on july 30 1975
History on July 30, 1975:

  • University students began a non-violent protest on July 30th in retaliation to the control of the military and government before the civil war. Before they reached the bridge mostly all students were brutally murdered by tank guns and machine guns.

  • The 1975 student protest was in response to the military taking over the University of El Salvador campus on July 25, 1975. The students demanded that the military stay out of the only public state university in El Salvador, founded in 1841, which is also one of the strongest bases of the popular movement in the country.

Protest on july 30th
Protest on July 30th

  • A commemoration to the students who were massacred, takes place every year begining at the base of the national University and ends at the bridge.

  • Different student organizations carry banners and signs demanding justice for all whom died and vowing to continue their struggle. Yelling through the streets the main university student chant: “This is the U!”

  • This year, when the commemorative march arrived at the bridge where the student massacre happened in 1975, students recreated a simulation of the bloody massacre.


  • Salvadorean pubic university students and lower class youth community, but overall entire community who participate in the protest.

  • Members of the revolutionary and communist student organizations (ex. FURD-Roque Dalton University Front)

  • Salvadorean’s who were either students during the massacre or took part in the protest of 1975.

  • Women activist also participate giving a speech about the injustices against women and commemorating women's struggles.

  • Adults and elderly who either lost a loved one during the massacre or are involved with student movements.

Roque dalton university front
Roque Dalton University Front