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Model 2020HR Operation. Product Support ACES Systems/TEC Aviation Division 1-865-671-2003. 01/01/03 # 1. Preview Section 1. The Analyzer Keypad Screen Input/Output Ports Additional Equipment Optional Equipment. Preview Section 2. Optional Equipment

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Model 2020HROperation

Product Support ACES Systems/TEC Aviation Divisionsupport@acessystems.com1-865-671-2003

01/01/03 #1

preview section 1
PreviewSection 1
  • The Analyzer
    • Keypad
    • Screen
    • Input/Output Ports
    • Additional Equipment
    • Optional Equipment
preview section 2
PreviewSection 2
  • Optional Equipment
    • Software (TURBO, EMS, AvTrend)
    • Airframe Accessories
    • Sensors, Charge Converters, Cables
preview section 3
PreviewSection 3
  • Menu Items
    • Propeller Balance
    • Main Rotor Track and Balance
    • Tail Rotor Balance
    • Vibration Spectrum Survey
    • Check Track
    • Monitor Functions
section 1 the keypad
Section 1The Keypad
  • The 2020 keypad consist of 27 function keys. Some of the keys have multiple functions while others are single purpose keys.
the keypad
The Keypad
  • The four arrow keys (, , , and ) are used to select, move between fields, and position within a field, or highlight menu items on screen. They are also used to change selections and increase or decrease spectrum size.
the keypad1
The Keypad
  • The . @ % # key is a multi character key used for input to the analyzer such as entering a solution of “54 grams @ 230 degrees, 3% error, #2 propeller for instance.
the screen
The Screen
  • The 2020 has a fully graphics capable LCD screen. It is 2.4 x 3.1 inches, is backlit, and contrast adjustable. Graphic display is a 320 x 240 dot matrix.
input and output ports
Input and Output Ports
  • There are 7 ports on the upper end of the analyzer. They are:
    • 2 Channel (Vibration Sensor Inputs)
    • 2 Tach (Tachometer)
    • 1 Batt Chg (Battery Charge)
    • 1 Aux/Comm
    • 1 Strobe
input and output ports1
Input and Output Ports
  • The two vibration sensor IO ports (Channel A, and B) will accept Velocity, Acceleration, or Displacement sensors and provide 24V constant current. They will not provide a charge to sensors.
input and output ports2
Input and Output Ports
  • The two tachometer IO ports (Tach 1 and Tach 2) are three pin receptacle connectors which will provide +12V DC on one pin to power optical sensors. They will accept any reference or TTL tach signal.
input and output ports3
Input and Output Ports
  • The BATT CHG port is used in conjunction with the battery charger supplied with the analyzer. The cap is to prevent an accidental shorting of the pins which are always active.
input and output ports4
Input and Output Ports
  • The AUX/COMM port is used for communications between the analyzer and a Personal Computer, Printer, or the ACES Model 540 Optical Tracker.
input and output ports5
Input and Output Ports
  • The STROBE port is used to connect a strobe light to the analyzer for visual tracking. The analyzer provides a trigger to the strobe for firing. 28V strobe power must be supplied externally.
additional equipment
Additional Equipment
  • The basic analyzer includes:
    • Battery
    • Battery Charger
    • Users Manual
    • Printer/Comm cable
    • Removable Hinge Pins
section 2 optional equipment
Section 2Optional Equipment
  • There are numerous accessories for propeller balance, rotor track and balance, and vibe analysis available for the 2020. See the current price list for details.
section 3 main menu
Section 3Main Menu
  • The Main Menu is used as a starting point from which all functions of the analyzer are accessed.
four main job functions
Four Main Job Functions
  • Propeller Balance
  • Main Rotor Track and Balance
  • Tail Rotor Balance
  • Vibration Spectrum Surveys
main function features
Main Function Features
  • Allow the user to define and store a “Job Setup” that can be used over and over again for aircraft of the same type.
  • Allow the user to define and store a “Job Setup” that can be used over and over again for aircraft of the same type.
  • Job setups contain all of the required data acquisition parameters to complete a job.
  • Allow for storage of in-work and completed jobs.
  • Provide for managing of stored data.
propeller setup
Propeller Setup
  • Propeller balance setup screen sample
  • With EPS adds the field for “Holes”
propeller setup eps
Propeller Setup - EPS
  • The holes can be spaced “Even” or “Uneven”.
  • In either case the hole angles MUST be measured Forward LookingAft (FLA) in a Clockwise (CW) direction.
main rotor track and balance setup
Main Rotor Track and Balance Setup
  • Main rotor track and balance setup screen sample
tail rotor balance setup
Tail Rotor Balance Setup
  • Tail rotor balance setup screen sample
vibration spectrum surveys
Vibration Spectrum Surveys
  • Spectral survey job setup screen sample
  • Through the fields
    • [] or [] Arrows
  • Inside the fields
    • [] or [] Arrows
four quick access modes
Four Quick Access Modes
  • Allow for acquiring measurements with out defining and storing a “Job Setup”.
  • Do not store data.
transfer data to pc
Transfer Data To PC
  • Utilized to communicate with a personal computer via AvTrend.
miscellaneous items
Miscellaneous Items
  • Used to access various definition functions.
  • Used to verify the battery charge
  • used to access the analyzer ‘s owner information.
setup printer
Setup Printer
  • The printer setup screen allow you to select the printer type being used.
  • The analyzer is designed to connect directly to a printers serial port.
sensor setup
Sensor Setup
  • This screen is used to define a new sensor type for use with the analyzer.
  • All new sensors defined will become available in the job setup screens under the sensor type field.
section 4 equipment setup notes
Section 4Equipment Setup Notes
  • Consult the Model 2020 user’s manual and training video for detailed instructions on installing equipment necessary to complete your chosen task.
  • Call, fax, e-mail, or write the ACES Systems customer support department with any questions not covered by these two references.




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