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Switch grass Biofuel

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Switch grass Biofuel - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Switch grass Biofuel. By: ethan Still Kyle munn. description. Switchgrass ethanol is a form of biofuel created from Switchgrass . Unlike starch ethanol (corn based) this type of ethanol is made from cellulose. . How it works.

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switch grass biofuel

Switch grass Biofuel

By: ethan Still Kyle munn

  • Switchgrass ethanol is a form of biofuel created from Switchgrass. Unlike starch ethanol (corn based) this type of ethanol is made from cellulose.
how it works
How it works
  • The Celluslose in switchgrass combines with sugar and water to create a combustible substance. When refined it creates a clear combustible substance called ethanol, similar to alcohol used in top fuel dragsters.
who would use it
Who would use it?
  • The Midwest would be able to most efficiently utilize switchgrass ethanol because that is where the majority would be grown. For a higher price it could be transported by truck to other parts of the country.
  • Total production cost is $328.91 per acre. After the distillation process and refining, cellulose ethanol can be produced for $2.70 a gallon.


  • When ran as a fuel, switch grass decreases fuel economy drastically
  • Switch grass is a highly corrosive fuel
  • Would not be a large supply of switch grass being grown from less incentive in farmers
  • The growth of switch grass requires nitrogen fertilizers. These fertilizes can seep into a water source and harm the health of humans and animals
  • Produces 540% more energy than what is needed to grow it
  • Easier to maintain and grow than corn
  • Switch grass produces 320 gallons more per acre than corn
  • Switch grass produces 94% less emissions than gasoline