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Mr.Sassine. Small to medium enterprises Business planning :Duration six weeks Depending on progress with topic revision before exams, hopefully one or two weeks.

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Small to medium enterprises

Business planning :Duration six weeks

Depending on progress with topic revision before exams, hopefully one or two weeks.

Homework: Will be practice questions on what we are learning: Hand in some times and marked in class: Designed to help you so do it!

Term three

No universally accepted definition of a Small to medium enterprise (SME)

A number of qualitative measurements (those based on personal observations and a description of the business) and quantitative measurements (statistical calculations) have been used to determine whether a business is a small or medium enterprise business.

So what's with the photo???


The definition of a small to medium enterprise will now align with that used by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

A small business is defined as a business employing less than 20 people and a medium business (excluding agriculture) is defined as a business employing 20 or more people but less than 200.

So what is the role of align with that used by the SME’s...

Economic growth align with that used by the occurs when a nation increases the real value of goods and services over a period of time.

A common measure to check if economic growth is occurring is to compare economic growth to real GDP growth. Gross Domestic product allows us to examine how much goods and services we are producing compared to the previous year.

Economic contribution of SME’s

In 2009-2010 SME’s employed about align with that used by the 7.5 million people. Representing 73% of private sector employment.

During economic downturns such as the Global Financial Crisis in 2008-2009, SME’S were more likely to retain their existing employees than large businesses.

SME’s also pay large amounts of taxation. Taxation is used to pay for goods and services that will be of benefit to the whole economy.

Contribution to employment

Contribution to Employment align with that used by the

Who will create the jobs??? align with that used by the

So what is the role of SME’s...

SME’s have started to export and make use of markets.

Globalisation of the word “One global economy”.

Encourage a positive balance of payments as SME’s have now made use of the global market. When you export (out of the country ie:Iron ore, more than you import into the country, new technologies: IPAD).

AUSTRADE, is encouraging SME’s to export to overseas markets.

Contribution to the Balance of payments

Assistance from Austrade

“Austrade provides information and advice to assist Australian companies reduce the time, cost and risk of exporting. We also provide a range of trade services to Australian exporters looking to grow their business in growth and emerging markets, where there is strong demand for our services and where we can add the most value. These markets include Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Latin America and Russia”

Government Assistance: AUSTRADE

Invention: new

Innovation:Improvment on an existing product

Finding new ways to do things results in increased efficiency and productivity

However Small to medium enterprises often have difficulty in obtaining finance when it comes to undertaking research and development for new products

Contribution to Invention and Innovation

In groups of two, you are going to analyse case-studies relating to small to medium enterprises

Task purpose: To assess you levels of understanding

Will share answers next lesson

Over to you...