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Sante International. The Barley Company. Sante International Providing Wellness to Humanity.

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sante international

Sante International

The Barley Company

sante international providing wellness to humanity
Sante InternationalProviding Wellness to Humanity

Santé International is a distribution company of organic wellness products. The company trade products that do not have synthetic, harmful ingredients while serving as a mounting venue for entrepreneurs.The potent synergy's dedication in advancing wellness produced a fine line of products that captured the fancy of the market. 

main office
Main Office

Unit 904-906 Galleria Corporate

Center EDSA corner Ortigas

Avenue, Quezon City, Metro

Manila Philippines

board of directors
Board of Directors

Joey Marcelo


Ronnie Piñon


Eric Maranan


Minerva Carag

Director for Research and Product Development

Paul Caluag

Director for Network Development

health talk
Health Talk

Most deaths are caused by disease…

not because of old age

Average Filipino life expectancy for males is 67 years old while 73 years old for females.

Top 5 Leading Causes of Death from 1999-Present

  • Heart Disease
  • Disease of the Vascular System
  • Malignant Neoplasm (Tumor)
  • Pneumonia
  • Tuberculosis (all forms)

According to the Philippine National Statistics office as of 2007


What is Barley?

The only vegetation on earth that can supply nutritional support from birth to old age.

Recognized by science as the most nutritious of all plant foods, containing a broad spectrum of essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes plus chlorophyll, phytonutrients and phytochemicals that our bodies require for the proper functioning of organs and immune system.

Dr. Yoshihide Hagiwara, M.D.

Doctor, Scientist, Inventor, Pharmacology & Entrepreneur

clinical study
Clinical Study

Clinical Research Findings: Barley Grass Lowers Cholesterol, LDL Oxidation, and Free Radical Activity in the Blood

Bob Terry, PhD

August 16, 2005

In the last twenty-five years researchers have published a number of in vitro and in vivo laboratory studies demonstrating the Barley Grass and its constituents exhibit potent antioxidant, detoxifying, and cholesterol-lowering properties. Until recently, the findings of these laboratory studies have been supported by only a few clinical trials. However, in the last three years, a series of clinical trials have been published that offer substantial support for the antioxidant and cholesterol-lowering effects of Barley Grass in both healthy and health-compromised individuals

facts about barley
Facts about Barley
  • 80mg of Vitamin B12 per 100g
  • 11 times the Calcium in cow’s milk
  • 5 times the Iron in spinach
  • 2 times the Beta Carotene in carrots
  • 7 times the Vitamin C in oranges
dr howard lutz director of the institute of preventive medicine in washington d c
Dr. Howard LutzDirector of the Institute of Preventive Medicine in Washington, D.C.

“This is one of the most incredible products of this decade. It improves stamina, sexual energy, clarity of thought, and reduces addiction to things that are bad for you. It also improves the texture of the skin and heals dryness associated with aging.”

Dr. Howard Lutz suggest to drink a teaspoon of barley juice powder in 8 ounces of water daily, to look


antioxidant value
Antioxidant Value

No other food can give you this antioxidant protection.

ORAC Dosage Recommendations

The USDA recommends an ORAC unit ingestion of about 3,000 to 5,000 units daily

Source: Agriculture Research, February 1999

what s so good about sante pure barley
What’s so good about Sante Pure Barley?
  • 100% Young Organic Pure Barley from New Zealand
  • Highly Alkaline
  • Bioavailability (easily absorbed by our body)
  • Total Complete Food
  • High Amount of Protein
  • Rich in live enzymes
  • High Amount of Natural Chlorophyll
  • Powerful Antioxidant (25,500 ORAC Value)
  • Pure Barley is not a supplement… it is a whole food concentrate
princess jamila canda
Princess JamilaCanda

Born May 4,2010 – diagnosis: neonatal pneumonia with clinical sepsis.

May 4-June 4 - admitted to neonatal intensive care unit.

June 8 - patient was discharged against medical advice.

July 24 – admitted for difficulty of breathing.

July24 – Aug 8 diagnosed with pneumonia.

Aug 12 – Went for checkup to pediatric pulmonary doctor; was advised to bring baby to Philippine Children Hospital but were not able to bring child to Manila.

princess jamila canda1
Princess JamilaCanda

Aug 12 - Mother started to give baby Sante Pure Barley

First week - 2 sachets per day.

Now - 1 sachet divided into 3 parts given 3x a day.

Improvements from the time that baby was given SantePure Barley.

1. Healed of blood infection.

2. Normal blood count; no longer anemic.

3. Became more active.

4. No more difficulty of breathing - hindinanyakinakailanganngmataasnaunanparamakahingangmaayos,dahilhindinahirapsapaghinga.

5. Good appetite now.

6. Can sleep well now.

faustino s regner
Faustino S. Regner

Had initial symptoms of cough and difficulty of breathing.

Diagnosed with heart enlargement.

Was given Nuelin SR tablet as maintenance.

X-ray report (shown at right) dated 2/18/10 showed cardiomegaly or heart enlargement.

faustino s regner1
Faustino S. Regner

Took barley powder (1 sachet in one glass of water in the morning and 1 sachet in the evening before bedtime for 2 months.

Second x-ray taken April 23, 2010 (shown at left) showed that the heart is not enlarged.

janette l capillo
Janette L. Capillo

In 2009, was initially diagnosed with nasal polyps.

After a CT scan and biopsy of tissue sample, she was diagnosed with SINONASAL UNDIFFERENTIATED CARCINOMA or cancer.

After the operation, the lump got bigger. She experienced sudden weight loss in 2010 and so went to PGH to undergo another CT scan. She also underwent radiation therapy.

janette l capillo1
Janette L. Capillo

Started taking Sante Barley Pure in July 2010. Started with 2 caps in the morning and 2 caps in the evening before meals.

On the 4th day, blood and pus started coming out of her nasal passages.

After a week, she took Sante Pure Barley powder, one sachet in the morning and one sachet in the evening before meals.

After taking our Sante Barley products, the number of radiation treatments was reduced to 25 instead of 40 sessions.

janette l capillo2
Janette L. Capillo

CT SCAN OF THE NECK done at PGH on 10/08/2010 states that mass has been reduced in size from 6.0x5.0x6.5cm to 5.0x4.2x5.5 cm

pure barley pack
Pure Barley Pack

Package Content:

  • 3 boxes of Sante Barley Capsules (P2,700)
  • 1 box of Sante Barley Powdered Juice (P1,950)
  • Distributor’s Registration Card
  • DVD
  • Marketing Materials
  • Scholarship, Hotel and Financial Training discount
  • P6,000 worth of discount coupon on Big League products


  • Earn up to 50% discount on all barley products
  • Personal Business Website
  • SMS Business System
  • AirLoad Distributorship
  • Free product and new distributor’s orientation
  • Big League Membership

Pure Barley Pack: P3,988

Product and Coupon Value: P10,650

ways to earn
Ways to Earn:
  • Direct Selling
  • Direct Referral Bonus
  • Infinity Bonus
  • Unilevel Bonus
  • Executive Bonus
commission disbursement
Commission Disbursement
  • Direct Referral Bonus, Infinity Bonus
    • To be computed DAILY
  • Unilevel Bonus, Executive Bonus
    • To be computed MONTHLY
  • Global Bonus
    • To be computed ANNUALLY
online and sms system
Online and SMS System

Personal Business Website

Bonus Disbursement

League Wallet Inquiry

Products Re-Ordering

Binary Tracking

Unilevel Tracking

New Members Registration

and many more…

SMS Features

Bonus Auto-Notification

Bonus Disbursement

Real Time Bonus Update

League Wallet Inquiry

Products Re-Ordering

many more........