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as you walk in n.
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As you walk in…

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As you walk in…
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As you walk in…

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  1. As you walk in… Have your study guide on your desk. Open your literature book to page 156.

  2. Vocab Noble preaching– in the passage preceding this excerpt, the Wife of Bath has spoken at length about her view of marriage. Tribulation– suffering; great distress Cask– barrel Broach– tap into

  3. Vocab Mead– Meadow Motes– Specks of dust Bowers– Bedrooms Thorpes— Villages

  4. Vocab Outhouses— sheds Limit— the area to which a friar was restricted in his begging for donations Incubus– an evil spirit believed to descend on women while they sleep

  5. Question What seems to be the Wife of Bath’s attitude toward Friars?

  6. Vocab forlorn— sad and lonely Grace– mercy

  7. Question What punishment do the king and the law demand? To who does the king grant the final judgment?

  8. Vocab Gages— Pledges Ten score— 200 But she will— who will not Void of sin– sinless

  9. Vocab Sedge— marsh grasses Bumbles in the mire– booms in the swamp. A wading bird famous for its loud call.

  10. Question What does this comparison suggest about the queen’s whisper?

  11. Vocab Crone– an ugly old woman or hag

  12. Vocab Coverchief— an ornamental hair net In full array— in all his finery Heady—giddy Grace— gift Liege— lord

  13. Question How might a woman’s power over a lover differ from a power over a husband?

  14. Vocab Behest— promise Race and Station— family and rank Misalliance— an unsuitable marriage

  15. Vocab Contemptuous— scornful; openly disrespectful Abominably— Unpleasantly; terribly

  16. Question What does the old woman think is the chief qualification of a gentleman? How would you define “gentle birth” and “gentleness” as used in this passage?

  17. Vocab Professions— beliefs; ideals Bequeath— to leave in a will; give as an inheritance Prowess— superior skill; great ability Temporal— of the material world; not eternal Maim– to disable to permanently wound

  18. Question Why might the sentiment expressed in this line have been viewed as fairly radical in the Wife of Bath’s Day?

  19. Vocab Sot— Fool Rebuke— to criticize Fen— marsh Cuckold— a husband whose wife is unfaithful

  20. Question How does the knight’s statement relate to what he has learned about “the thing that women most desire”?

  21. Reminder Have a great weekend! Bring your literature book on Monday.