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Things Fall Apart : F 1/30

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Things Fall Apart : F 1/30 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Things Fall Apart : F 1/30. Written task – get out and make excuses! (10 mins ) Cover Sheets (10 mins ) Working on rationale (40 mins ) Peer Review (10 mins ) On WEDNESDAY we will work on RATIONALES. HOMEWORK: Bring STUFF on Friday. Work on your rationale DRAFT DUE TODAY.

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things fall apart f 1 30
Things Fall Apart: F 1/30

Written task – get out and make excuses! (10 mins)

Cover Sheets (10 mins)

Working on rationale (40 mins)

Peer Review (10 mins)



Bring STUFF on Friday.

Work on your rationale


I’ll return on Friday.

FINAL due Wed Feb 6th.

cover sheet

Part 4: Literature – Critical Study



Teacher: Ms. Catherine Main


Examination Session: May 2014

Language and Literature IBS1 (F Block)

Written Task Word Count: (800-1000)

Rationale Word Count: (300)




Does it explain how the task is linked to the aspect of the course being investigated?

to start
    • What is the text type of the written task?
    • What kind of communication does the text type belong to? (Poetic, Professional or Mass communication)
    • What context would the WT appear in? (where would the text be published)
  • This is a speech, a form of mass communication that would be presented at Tedtalks.
  • This is an opinion column, a form of mass communication that would be published in The Guardian.
  • This is a series of diary entries, a form of poetic communication that would appear in chapter ___, told from Roderick’s point of view in When the Elephants Dance.
connection to course
  • What part of the L+L course is the WT linked to?
  • What text/s studied is the WT linked to?

This piece connects to Part 4: Literature – Critical Study, and is based upon my study of Bruce Lee’s Enter the Dragon.

Here it is a THEMATIC connection – superficiality does not work. What is Achebe trying to achieve, and how do you mirror and advance that?

i.e. 1984 – themes of loss of privacy, fear and control, manipulation; appearance vs. reality.

target audience
  •  The target audience is the outer party and the proles of Oceania in 1984.
  • The target audience of this advertorial is male high school and college athletes in Metro Manila, ranging from ages 17-26.
  • The target audience for this speech is Marge Simpson, at exactly the time she realizes that Spider Pig is the source of their woes.
purpose theme

What do you want your audience to think / feel / understand after experiencing your text?

The purpose of this speech is to persuade young people to resist the urges of the OSCAR committee and understand that Les Miserablesis, in fact, a dreadful nightmare of a film.

In this letter, Harry Potter has a dual purpose: partly to persuade Hermione to leave Ron and enter into a passionate relationship with him, as well as clearly explaining the stages by which Ron betrayed them and entered into alliance with Voldemort.

conventions and devices

Which conventions did you use, and to what effect?

Choose 2-4 devices, and SNAPPILY P.E.E it.

Ethos, Pathos, Logos, Bias, Glittering Generalities, Similes, Metaphors, Diction, Mood,

Rhetorical questions like “What is life without fun?” makes the viewers feel insecure and enticed to explore Facebook. Diction such as “vulgar”, “victim” and “trauma” when describing downfalls of Facebook provoke fear within the target audience and this is to help them understand that Facebook is not an online utopia - users must still have boundaries.

madforest persuasive devices speeches
MADFOREST…persuasive devices - SPEECHES

Modal verbs (would, should, could, must, can) / Metaphors

Anaphora / Alliteration

Direct address (you, we)


Opinions (disguised as facts?)

Rhetorical questions / Repetition

Emotive Language

Statistics / Similes

Triplication (of the people, for the people, by the people)


I am writing a pastiche of The Tell Tale Heart, by Edgar Allan Poe. I am striving to recreate his use of the style of his writing, which is of course a morbid, gloomy style. Edgar Allan Poe also uses an object which drives the protagonist to become crazy. The pastiche will of course have a theme, and it is a horror gothic one with a hint of dark romanticism. I am writing in the style of gothic, with the most recurring themes dealing with problems faced by mortal men such as infidelity as well as death and mourning. I incorporate elements that Poe used, such as elements of popular pseudo sciences such as physiognomy. A study of the psychology of guilt incorporates that a murder carefully conceals the narrator’s crime and he believes himself unassailable, but eventually breaks down impelled by a nagging reminder of his guilt. The narrator of The Tell Tale Heart has questionable sanity, which I replicate in my pastiche, The Disembodied Limb. This pastiche features the protagonist who is obsessed with a twitching leg which tortures him. It drives him insane, although he questionably was before. He even starts to believe that the leg can sense when he begins to plot some dastardly thing which will harm the body it is attached to. Overall, since Edgar Allan Poe incorporates several elements in his writing, which is what I have done. However, like The Tell Tale Heart the protagonist did not have a justified reason for murder. He was not concerned with his wife’s infidelity, but with a twitching limb. I have opened with a similar line to The Tell Tale Heart, but one concerned with the plot of the pastiche.


I wrote about the same event, Marquez’s reaction to his fight with Pacquiao, from two different newspapers to demonstrate how different perspectives could be taken on the same event. I chose an online newspaper as my text type as it deals with mass communication. My two articles would appear in context to CNN and the Philippine Inquirer respectively. These newspaper articles are linked to the “News” aspect of the Language and Literature Mass Communication course, because they demonstrate my understanding of how news articles create a bias suited to their audience and how language can shape a reader’s perspective.

My CNN article is targeted at well-educated adults holding some interest in boxing. As these readers are not avid boxing fans, I did not include too much detail on the technicalities of the match. The purpose of this article is to talk about Marquez’s insistence on a rematch for the fight in an impartial manner, as CNN is known to be an unbiased source. The CNN text used no persuasive techniques, as it must remain impartial. Additionally, the article uses a picture of the two fighters on equal status.

The Inquirer article on the other hand, is targeted at nationalistic Filipinos. Rather than communicating unbiased information, this article uses a pro-Pacquiao bias. Pathos was used in order to appeal to the emotional nationalistic spirit of the Filipino reader. The picture itself exhibits nationalistic pride by portraying Pacquiao as victorious alongside a Filipino flag.

peer review

What elements are appropriate for the text type?

What theme in TFA is revealed?

What language features have they used?