Cross professional services from out of the box to outside the box
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Cross Professional Services: From Out-of-the-Box to Outside-the-Box! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Cross Professional Services: From Out-of-the-Box to Outside-the-Box!. Meeting increased demands of today's business world. Cross Professional Services. CROSS TELECOM ACQUIRES AMERICAN COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGIES.

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Cross professional services from out of the box to outside the box l.jpg

Cross Professional Services:From Out-of-the-BoxtoOutside-the-Box!

Cross telecom acquires american communication technologies l.jpg

Minnesota-based, national voice and data integrator adds professional service expertise as well as

customized software solutions development through acquisition


BLOOMINGTON, MN, Jan. 5, 2007 – Cross Telecom, a national provider of integrated voice, data, IP

telephony, wireless, security and professional services solutions, today announced that it has acquired

Orlando-based American Communication Technologies, Incorporated. (commonly known as ACT). The

combined company retains the Cross Telecom name and will maintain its headquarters in Minnesota.

ACT employees will be retained as Cross employees and will continue to serve current and future

customers from the existing Orlando office.

The acquisition will provide Cross with an even more extensive product and services portfolio as ACT’s

capabilities extend the entire range of contact center and communication disciplines. Although a standard

Avaya integrator, ACT’s expertise includes the development of customized software and applications as

well as post implement training and support.

Fun facts l.jpg

Participated in the original Modular Messaging Beta Program?

Is one of Avaya’s leading implementation partners for Avaya Proactive Contact Solutions? And deployed the beta test system fo ISC.

Has been deploying Modular Messaging since R1.0 and did one of the first with Avaya?

Is an Avaya Platinum DevConnect Partner?

Designed and implemented the first Contact Center Express (CCE) in North America, and since that time has implemented more seats of CCE than anyone else?

Has a team member that leads our Voice Portal charge and has been implementing self service since BEFORE the Conversant product?

Fun Facts

More fun facts l.jpg

Has over 20 developers specialized in Avaya’s full suite of CRM/CTI applications?

Has performed numerous multi-site contact center optimization studies, resulting in world class Call Center design and implementation?

Has 70 dedicated employees?

Has been helping customers reach their business goals, with solutions to fit their needs, since 1994?

Implemented over 1,400 jobs last year?

Has a Contact Center heritage that extends over 20 people and 150 years of experience?

…more Fun Facts

Slide6 l.jpg

Cross ProServices Solutions of CRM/CTI applications?

Network Integration Solutions

Contact Center Solutions

Messaging Solutions

Data Networking Solutions

CRM/CTI Solutions

Training Solutions

Managed Services

IP Solutions

Pre and Post Sale Services

Development of Customized Software and Applications

Design Assurance

Training and Support

Live Demonstrations

What we do l.jpg

Presales of CRM/CTI applications?

(Facilitated sessions, Solution Architecture, Solutions Demonstration)


Strategic Consulting

Contact Center Optimizations/tune ups

CTI/CRM opportunities

Self Service Solutions

Proactive Contact

Call Recording

Basic Avaya Service Offerings

Advanced Cisco Applications to follow

What we Do

Contact center l.jpg

Greenfield design and implementation of CRM/CTI applications?





Call Center reporting

Call Center optimization/tune-up

Contact Center

Messaging l.jpg

Modular Messaging of CRM/CTI applications?


Exchange Integration

Lotus Notes integration

Avaya Speech Access

Network Messaging


Crm cti l.jpg

Contact Center Express of CRM/CTI applications?

Interaction Center

Customer Interaction Express


Custom applications

Cross business enablement applications


Ip solutions l.jpg

IPAgent/Softphone of CRM/CTI applications?

Application Enablement Services



IP Solutions

Self service l.jpg

Conversant of CRM/CTI applications?

Interactive Response

Voice Portal

Self Service

Training l.jpg

Onsite and remote offers of CRM/CTI applications?

Call Center



Ip Agent



Slide14 l.jpg

Case Study 1 of CRM/CTI applications?

The Scenario

A company which provides registration services for small technical colleges needs a way to optimize their business processes and differentiate themselves from their competitors

Slide15 l.jpg

Case Study 1 of CRM/CTI applications?

The Solution

  • Multi-media enabled CCE.

  • Implementation of Voice, Email, Preview Contact

  • Automation of Preview Contact Campaigns from AS/400 mainframe

  • Custom screen to give agents capability to record caller information and track contacts.

  • Will add IM capability in the future

Slide16 l.jpg

Case Study 1 of CRM/CTI applications?

The Outcome

  • Due to go live in the next 30 days.

  • Custom application saved customer nearly $100,000 compared to off the shelf product they were going to purchase.

  • Will meet customer’s goal of “paperless” with less than 4 weeks of total project time.

Slide17 l.jpg

Case Study 2 of CRM/CTI applications?

The Scenario

A global outsourcer for Call Centers required a system which could integrate offsite hosted IVR data with their enterprise call center for use in screen-pop and other CTI functions.

Cross Proservices (formerly ACT) was engaged to develop a custom solution which would provide a flexible and scalable solution which could be utilized in many diverse environments.  The Customer’s Call Center network included multiple sites, countries, IVR hosts, and serviced multiple end customers. The Customer required a variety of data elements for use in screen-pop, integrated reporting, and integrated call recording. The solution implemented included the following components:

Slide18 l.jpg

Case Study 2 of CRM/CTI applications?

The Solution

  • The hosted IVR vendor provided a temporary database table in which all data elements to be passed were written.  In addition to the elements to be passed the table contained a field which contained the DNIS digits which would be used for the transfer back to the Customer’s Call Center. Upon completion of the data write the IVR vendor performed a transfer to the appropriate DNIS.

  • A custom routing component developed by Cross Proservices was used upon in coming call to capture the incoming DNIS and then retrieve the data elements using the DNIS to associate the call with the proper elements. This was done using Web Services for maximum flexibility. Upon retrieval of the data elements the table was cleared so that the DNIS could be released and reused by the IVR vendor.

  • CCE was used to take the data elements retrieved by the routing component and provide a variety of services including screen-pop, integrated call recording, and integrated reporting.

Slide19 l.jpg

Case Study 2 of CRM/CTI applications?

The Outcome

The solution has been deployed to 5 sites so far with more in the works. The flexibility of the solution allowed each site to choose which data elements were specific to them, and which integration points were most useful to their business needs with minimal configuration changes.