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Black Box Company Overview PowerPoint Presentation
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Black Box Company Overview

Black Box Company Overview

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Black Box Company Overview

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  2. Black Box Company Overview • Global strength: • 195 offices • In 141 countries • Spanning 5 continents • 4300+ Team Members • 175,000 clients • $1B in revenue • ISO 9001:2008 Quality Assurance Global Certification Company Confidential

  3. Black Box Company Overview Design, construction, and maintenance services for all infrastructure types—wired, wireless, and hybrid systems. Design, procurement, installation, and maintenance of communications systems including unified communications, VoIP, messaging, contact center, and PBX solutions. More than 118,000 networking products backed by FREE Tech Support. • The largest independent provider: Company Confidential

  4. Black Box Company Overview • Service offering: Comprehensive Solutions and Services Data Infrastructure Voice Communications Networking Products Superior Technical Support Company Confidential

  5. Black Box Company Overview • Start-to-finish services: 7. Maintenance 6. Certification 5. Installation 4. Materials Supply 3. Design/Engineering 2. Site Survey 1. Consultation Company Confidential

  6. Black Box Company Overview Branded Partner Solutions: VoIP, Telephony Video Messaging, Mobility Contact Centers Unified Communications Communications Services Maintenance & Support Moves, Adds, & Changes Customised Solutions & Services Refurbished Equipment Monitoring, Security, Virtualisation Black Box Products Routers, Switches, KVM Infrastructure Services Converters, Extenders, Splitters Cabinets, Racks, Power Cabling, Jacks, Patch Panels • Products and services portfolio: Company Confidential

  7. Value Proposition • Objectivity, technical expertise, experience: Objectivity Technical Expertise Experience • Comprehensive portfolio • Vendor independent • Understand interoperability • Superior technical support • More than 2500 technical certifications • 24/7 call center support • 34 years of proven performance • 175,000 loyal customers Company Confidential

  8. Product Solutions • 118,000+ products Cabling • Get the best prices anywhere on CAT5e and CAT6 bulk cable. • Receive guaranteed-for-life performance with ETL-Verified channel solutions. • Complete your data networks with fiber, video, USB, and data comm cable; connectors; and hardware. Cabinets & Racks • House servers and network equipment. • Create safe and clean data centers. • Control environmental issues such astemperature and humidity. • Meet standards with cable management. • Get solutions for any size enterprise. Testers & Tools • Diagnose and certify networks. • Verify fiber and copper runs. • Troubleshoot cable and equipment. • Select from our comprehensive line of Black Box®brand and Fluke Networks® products. • Choose from general-use hand tools and tool sets. Digital Signage & Multimedia • Create dazzling digital signage presentations. • Build fully integrated multimedia, multiscreen systems. • Convert, switch, extend, and split video. • Choose solutions for point-of-purchase, hospitality, education, medical, airports, public buildings, trade shows, and more. Power & Surge Protection • Monitor and remotely control power. • Guard against power surges, blackouts, and other anomalies. • Back up critical equipment and supply redundant power. • Protect data lines. • Choose from a complete line of UPSs. Data Communications • Communicate in harsh environments. • Drive data over fiber and copper. • Set up industrial communications. • Send data over short runs. • Set up ISDN, DDS, and T1/E1 communications. • Select modems, modem sharing, and accessories. Company Confidential

  9. Product Solutions • 95% of in-stock products ship the same day. • KVM ServSwitch™ • Control multiple computers from a single KVM station. • Mix and control computers from different platforms and manage servers over IP. • Take command of your servers. • Choose from KVM switches, extenders, console trays, and more. • Interface & Protocol Converters • Connect incompatible hardware, whether you need interface or protocol conversion. • Find DIN rail solutions. • Configure custom solutions. • Choose from digital I/O and serial cards. • Convert serial to parallel and vice versa. • Environmental Monitoring & Control • Set up sensors and alarms for monitoring temperature, humidity, airflow, water, smoke, and more. • Voice Communications • Choose from leading voice systems. • Select desktop telephony equipment. • Save with resale services and equipment. • Networking • Select from a full range of components ranging from small and medium business (SMB) networks to global enterprise solutions. • Build wired and wireless networks. • Find industrial products for extreme conditions. • Get adaptable solutions to expand networking configurations. • Peripheral Switching & Sharing • Share peripherals. • Switch equipment electronically. • Configure custom applications. • Choose from manual and electronic switches, matrix switches, console port managers, and more! • We build custom switches, too! Company Confidential

  10. Black Box offers products that: • Facilitate telecommuting, require less power, and measure, monitor, and manage energy consumption. • ServReach™ KVM over IP switches • ClimateCab cabinets • Elite™ Managed Power Controller Company Confidential

  11. Capability • 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – Technical Support is always available • Technical ability to source, support and maintain a wide breadth of communications products covering most technologies as either standard or special products • Ability to ship from stock and deliver to anywhere in the world – single or roll out deliveries One source for all your communications needs Company Confidential

  12. ServSwitch 4site • KVM Switching and Image Processing in one box. • Each input can be up to 1600 x 1200 @ 60Hz. • Output can be up to 1920 x 1200 @ 60Hz. • Ideal for Control Room applications. • Can display in quad mode, PiP mode, Full mode and Tile mode . • Allows four displays to be displayed on the same screen simultaneously. ServSwitch DVI Extender, Remote Unit ACS253A-U-SM) ServSwitch DVI Extender, Local Unit ACS253A-U-SM) Monitor 10km ServSwitch 4site (KVP4000E-R2) Keyboard Mouse ServSwitch Octet (KV1701) Up to 64 servers Octet Base User Stations (KV1711E) Up to 12 Octet User Stations Company Confidential

  13. ServSwitch DKM • Modular Architecture ensures flexibility. • Maximum Resolution of 1920 x 1200 @ 60Hz. • Supports Multi-Head and multiple control options. • DVI-D Digital KVM Switch. • Built-in Catx / Fibre Extension. • Redundant Power Supplies. Office 3 ServSwitch DKM User Stations (ACS4001A-SM-R) 30m Single-mode Fibre Connections Office 2 500m 50m Office 1 USB User Consoles 80m 8 x 32 ServSwitch DKM Base Unit (ACX0832) Network Operation Centre CATx Cable Data Centre B USB CPUs with SAMs Data Centre A USB CPUs with SAMs 80m Company Confidential

  14. DTX5000 Family • Features Virtual Media Support, SSL Encryption, individual secure logon. • Works with PC, SUN and Mac. • Supports Windows, Redhat Linux, SUN Solaris and Mac operating systems. • Single and Dual Head options. • KVMoIP. Shop Display/ Digital Signage/ Information Stand DTX Transmitters Servers/PCs LAN/WAN 100/1000Mbps DTX Receivers DTX Receivers DTX Transmitters Servers/PCs Servers/PCs ServSwitch DTX Control Unit Company Confidential

  15. Secure Switches • ServSwitch (Secure) VGA – Single User sharing up to four secure CPU’s. Resolutions up to 1280 x 1024. • ServSwitch Secure DVI - Single User sharing up to four secure CPU’s. Resolutions up to 2560 x 1600 @ 60Hz. • TEMPEST LEVEL II. ServSwitch Secure (SW722A-R2) Secure Network Non-Secure Network PS2/CPUs TCP/IP Secure Network (SIPRNet) PS2/CPUs TCP/IP Non-Secure Network (NIPRNet) Monitor with VGA Interface PS/2 Keyboard and Mouse Company Confidential

  16. KVM Extension • Stand alone or multi device rack mounted solutions. • Up to 300 metres over copper. • Up to 10 Km over single mode fibre. • Unlimited distance over the Internet. • PS/2 and USB connectivity. • Serial and Audio Options. • Can be used in combination • with any ServSwitch Company Confidential

  17. KVM Drawers • ServView 17 & 19 Enterprise • 17" 4:3 or 19" widescreen Samsung industrial grade LCD. • 1280 x 1024, 1440 x 900 resolution with 16.2 million colours. • 104 notepad keyboard with full numerical keypad. • One-man installation slides for a quick and easy install. • High-density integrated CATx KVM switch for one or two users. • Secure and flexible KVM over IP access.

  18. Veri-NAC • State of the art access control for networks of 250 to 100,000 nodes • One-box vulnerability management and network access control (NAC). • Quick to deploy and easy to use • Detailed reporting • VLAN Aware • Agentless and non-inline design provides rock-solid security with simplicity • No infrastructure upgrade needed— • works with existing switches. • Protects your network from dangers that firewalls can't defend against

  19. PDU’s • Plain power distribution units • IP Monitored PDU’s • IP Monitored and Controlled • Power Profiling • Environmental Monitoring • U.K., European, American, etc..

  20. Think Logical - Enhanced KVM Switching • 6.25Gbps per fibre interlink between the transmitter and the receiver • Up to 320 source devices and up to 320 switchable destinations • Support for: USB HIB (USB 1.0) • USB 1.1 • USB 2.0 • Keyboard and Mouse • Single, Dual, Tri and Quad Head • DVI-D, VGA, • Full Bi-Directional Audio

  21. Other Product Lines • Wide Area Networking devices such as NTU’s, Multiplexers, Line Drivers, Interface Converters, Emulators, GPS Time Servers, Modems and DSL Extension equipment. • Local Area Networking devices such as Media Converters, Switches, Routers, NIC cards, Terminal and Console Servers, and Wireless Access devices. • Industrial Local Area Networking devices hardened for use in the toughest of environments with extended temperature and humidity ranges enclosed in metal cases to ensure they are rugged enough for all typical uses. • Wireless devices such as line of sight and non line of sight RF wireless and also a full range of free space optic equipment. Company Confidential

  22. Other Product Lines • Digital Signage and Multimedia solutions including media players and software, videoextension and distribution, LCD and Plasma screens and mounts, audio distribution, video matrix switching and video conversion, video switches and audio / video extenders. • Cabinets, acoustic cabinets, racks, open frames and complete accessory ranges to suit including complete hot aisle / cold aisle containment solutions. • Infrastructure solutions for both component and channel requirements, from basic telephone cable, up to 10Gigabit copper solutions, complete fibre installations, and hybrid. • Complete range of connectors, cables and adaptors to suit all interface types. • Tools and Testers for every occasion – from installation, to maintenance to servicing. Company Confidential

  23. Custom Products • Special Products – 15% of our business is building bespoke products and cables. • Products are built to your specifications. Company Confidential

  24. Black Box Network Services • Key takeaways: • Objectivity, technical expertise, experience • Vendor-connected but vendor-neutral approach • Positioned to capitalise on profitable growth • KVM, Power, Video, Digital Signage, Multimedia, Environmental Monitoring, LAN, WAN. • Confidence in Axico and Black Box’s ability to execute • Delivering products and services on time within budget Company Confidential