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Do Now:. Write down everything you know or have heard about Global Warming. Effects of Humans on the Environment: Climate Change. Hypothesis. Take a moment to write down some hypothesis for what will happen to: 1) The 2 beakers simulating greenhouse effect

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do now
Do Now:
  • Write down everything you know or have heard about Global Warming.
  • Take a moment to write down some hypothesis for what will happen to:

1) The 2 beakers simulating greenhouse effect

2) The glass with ice simulating icebergs and sea ice

3) The glass with ice simulating glaciers and land ice


Too manycarbon emissions (putting CO2 into the air) have put more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.


THICKER greenhouse gases have trapped more heat.

This has caused the Earth’s temperature to increase!


Examples of carbon emissions:

  • Burning gas in cars
  • Burning coal/oil in factories

c) Using a lot of electricity


Causes of Global Warming

Methane (CH4)

Burning fossil fuels


even worse global warming starts new processes in motion that speed up warming
Even worse, global warming starts new processes in motion that SPEED UP warming
  • Ice caps REFLECT sunlight back into space.
  • Open ocean ABSORBS sunlight as heat.
  • As ice caps melt, more light is absorbed than reflected.
  • As a result, global warming happens more rapidly.
need more evidence
Need more evidence?
  • 11 out of the last 13 years have been the hottest on record.
  • Ice caps are shrinking:
  • All scientists agree that

climate change is real

and we must do

something about it

glaciers shrinking



Glaciers Shrinking
  • Alaska

Photos: NOAA Photo Collection and Gary Braasch –

colorado river
Colorado River
  • Arizona

Change over 1 year!

ice cores
Ice Cores
  • By drilling into the ice caps and analyzing the layers of ice, scientists can figure out what the climate was like thousands of years ago
pair and share stop and jot
Pair and Share…Stop and Jot
  • Take a few minutes to summarize the evidence that global warming is occurring. Then, explain which piece of evidence is most alarming to you. Why?
but wait are humans really to blame for global warming hasn t the climate always been changing
But wait…are Humans really to blame for global warming? Hasn’t the climate always been changing?

is the increase of the Earth’s average surface temperature due to a build-up of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.


is a broader term that refers to long-term changes in climate, including average temperature and precipitation.

why should we care
Why should we care

Rising Sea Level

Increased Temperature

Habitat Damage and

Species Affected

Changes in Water Supply

increased temperature
Increased Temperature

First, lets check out our experiment…

  • Thicker Greenhouse Gases cause increased temperature.
  • Increased global temperature causes more EXTREME weather.
    • Can be snowier in some areas, drier in others, more hurricanes
sea level rise
Sea Level Rise

First, let’s check out our experiment

Sea Ice

Land Ice

WILL cause Sea Level Rise

  • Will not cause Sea Level Rise.
  • However, loss of sea ice will speed up global warming even more.
sea level rise1
Sea Level Rise
changes in water supply
Changes in Water Supply
  • Global warming DOES NOT decrease the amount of water on the globe
  • However, global warming DOES change weather patterns and causes droughts in some areas and floods in other places
ok what can we do
Ok, what can we do!?
  • There is no one solution to global warming. In fact, global warming will take a long time to turn around and some effects are inevitable.
  • We need to make substantial changes to the way we use energy, how our electricity is produced, and how the products we buy are made.
  • We may even need to find ways of taking CO2 out of the atmosphere!
  • To see some small ways you can make a difference, we are going to do a GALLERY WALK!
exit slip
Exit Slip
  • 1) Describe how the greenhouse effect keeps the Earth warm?
  • 2) What are two pieces of evidence for global warming?
  • 3) Why should we care about climate change?