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  1. Due This Week: 1st Day Assignment Signed Papers & Parent Assignment Abstract #1 due FRIDAY! Vocabulary due & Test Friday Get a Job – Work in Progress Interviews – Thurs, Feb 13, 2014 Week February 3, 2014 – February 7, 2014 Marketing DECA NEWS: Meetings held second Thursday of each Month – Wear Red on FRIDAY! – Promote Heart Health for the American Heart Association! Sign up for Relay for Life Team! Sign up to help at the KG Home Show! DECA Officer Meeting – Thursday at 6:40am!

  2. Early Work: What is a reference? • Today’s Objective: Developing a Career • Activities • Vocabulary – Please put in your composition book • Define for grade on Friday – LABEL AND DATE! • Marketing Test Retakes! • Index Cards – fill out 3x5 – Name & Words/WDYWTB & HOW • DECA History – Read & follow directions to answer questions • Due Wednesday! • Career Guide for Virginia – take a look! • Worksheets – Resume & Reference & 2 packets • More Show & Tell • Homework: Vocabulary defined, Abstract #1 due Friday! ☞Point of the Day: The most important thing on your resume is your name. Attitude is always a player on your team. Monday, February 3, 2014 Magic Monday Morning – Manners Moment

  3. Early Work: What is the most important thing on your Resume? • Today’s Objective: Developing a Career • Activities • Vocabulary – be sure defined by Friday! • Career Investigations – www.vawizard.org • Looking for work – where? – want ads • Design of your Documents • This is you on paper! “I” Appeal with “Eye” Appeal!! • More Show & Tell – Last day tomorrow to earn your 100! • Homework: Vocabulary defined & test Friday ☞Point of the Day: You should always have three (3) references that you can use at anytime. Talent is not enough! Tuesday, February 4, 2014 Tough Tuesday – Name that Company

  4. Early Work: Where can you go to look for a job? • Today’s Objective: Developing a Career • Activities LAST DAY TO TURN IN MY STORY ASSIGNMENT • Vocabulary – define by Friday! • Marketing Test Retakes – are we done yet? • How to write a Career Objective • Discussion of Initiative • Resumes & References – CONTINUE TO WORK ON • Last day for Show & Tell • Homework: Vocabulary due and test Friday! ☞Point of the Day: The cover letter should explain to the reader why you are the best person for the job. Attitude is the Advance Man of our true selves. Wednesday, February 5, 2014 Wicked Work Wear Wednesday & Role Play Day!

  5. Early Work: Newspaper Day – The Free Lance Star What is a Career Objective? • Today’s Objective: Developing a Career • Activities • Vocabulary – Define by Friday! • Applications – Terms - Quiz Friday! • Continue to work on Reference sheets & Resumes • Career Path – Where are you headed? (powerpoint) • Homework: Vocab defined & test tomorrow! ☞Point of the Day: Manners always count! Attitude roots are inward but its fruit is outward. Thursday, february 6, 2014 Thundering Thursday – Share a Weird Fact today!

  6. Early Work: What is Initiative? • Today’s Objective: Developing a Career • Activities • Vocabulary Test Today! • Vocabulary due today! • Cover Letters – What are these? • Journal – “I think I make a great first impression and here is why…” OR “I need to improve my first impression and here is how…” • Homework: None for today! ☞Point of the Day: First Impressions Matter! Attitude is our best friend or our worst enemy. Friday, February 7, 2014 Foxes Friday - The Week’s Wrap-Up & Good News!

  7. Vocabulary • Resume • Reference • Job Application • Cover Letter • Accomplishments • Career Objective • Interview • Follow-Up • Want Ad • Networking You can find the definitions to these words in your Career Guide for Virginia book, dictionary, or the Internet. Define in your Composition book IN THE PROPER SECTION! Remember to LABEL & DATE the Page! Due FRIDAY!!

  8. Developing a Career • Analyze personal interests, personality traits, and skills • Research career opportunities in marketing • Use various job search strategies • Develop/update a resume • Describe the steps for posting an electronic resume • Update a cover letter • Complete a job application • Complete an employment interview and follow up • Describe networking skills for professional development • Develop a personal marketing plan • Identify the purposes and types of employment tests and personality profiles • Identify procedures in resigning from a position CTE Competencies Linked to SOLs Objectives for the week – TSWBAT:

  9. What is your Personality on Paper? How do you Present Yourself in Person? The Get a Job Packet is your Package of YOU! Your RESUME, Your REFERENCES, Your COVER LETTER, Your APPLICATION, Your INTERVIEW, & Your FOLLOW-UP THANK YOU NOTE! Take note of everything you can this week to prepare for your future job opportunities – and get ready for your INTERVIEW next week! And now a word from James Brown! Making it Real – Your weekly Activity

  10. James Brown delivered a message at the Joe Gibbs’ Youth for Tomorrow Burgundy & Gold Banquet that I want to share with you this week. Youth for Tomorrow is a New Life Center for troubled teens. For many of these youth, it is the last stop before jail. At the New Life Center in Manassas, these young people get a new lease on their young lives… James Brown (TV sports host) had seven points to share with the audience: Develop good communication skills– not just speaking, but listening and writing. It might be hip to engage in slang, but you need the King’s English. Dress and attire makes a statement about you before you open your mouth. Be presentable. Keep it clean and neat. You need to be a professional. Be prompt. Timeliness is so very important particularly as you get ready for the world of work. It says you are dependable and reliable. Thirst and hunger for knowledge. Don’t let anyone tell you what you can’t learn because of how challenging your background was or that you can’t do it. Deal with adversity. The Bible says everyone will experience trials and tribulations, they will prepare you for the next level that will be bigger and better. Develop interpersonal skills working in a diverse environment. There is strength in diversity. Everybody has a God-given gift – look for that in each person. When you are done working, you can have fun. Successful organizations are those whose members enjoy one another when you are doing well. James Brown – Sports commentator

  11. R-E-S-P-E-C-T EVERYTHING!!! • Your supplies – bring your stuff every-day! Bring your book every-day! Bring your notebook & composition book every-day! Bring pen/paper/thinking cap/open mind ever-day! • Place all bags on the floor under your table! • Wait for Teacher instruction before beginning activity! • Passes out of Class - No Exit First 10/Last 10 • One person out of room at a time • Pass Board – USE IT! • Keep it short! • Stay in your seat until you are dismissed from class – the bell tells Teacher when class is over; Teacher then dismisses you. • No talking while Teacher or others have the floor. • Watch your language and mind your manners, please. • All School Rules will be followed without question. Classroom Proceduresthings you have to do!