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GigaSpaces Technologies

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GigaSpaces Technologies. Washington Israel Business Summit Nov 16, 2011. Ravi Gadhia – Director, Western US. Company Profile. WHO IS GIGASPACES?.

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GigaSpaces Technologies

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gigaspaces technologies

GigaSpaces Technologies

Washington Israel Business Summit

Nov 16, 2011

Ravi Gadhia – Director, Western US

who is gigaspaces
  • GigaSpaces delivers Enterprise Application Platform for extreme scaling and Cloud Enablement for high performance, low-latency, mission-critical applications
    • Core Expertise : Java-.Net-C++ interoperability, in-memory data scaling, running mission-critical OLTP apps (high performance, low latency), extreme elasticity
  • Privately held company with 60 employees worldwide.
  • In business since 2000 and Cash Flow positive.
  • Key Staff
    • Israel: CEO – Zeev Bikowksly, CTO – Nati Shalom, CMO – Adi Paz
    • US: BD – Amnon Raviv, CTO – Shay Hassidim, Sales – Steve DiEugenio & Ravi Gadhia
  • Solid investment position backed by: Intel Capital, FT Ventures, BRM Capital, Formula Vision.
challenges summary
Challenges Summary

Tier-based architecture struggle to meet these challenges

  • Peak loads
  • Performance
  • Business Continuity
  • TCO Reduction
  • Real-Time Business Insights
  • Nirvana For Enterprises and ISVs:
    • Your Mission Critical Apps & Products should scale with your business in a predictable & cost effective way, leveraging internal & cloud infrastructure
  • Why Care?
    • Outages & Downtime results in Millions $ in lost revenue & customer defection
    • 2 second rule--Sluggish Commerce sites results in lost sale.
    • Milliseconds matter
    • Forrester: Cloud Computing Market to reach $241 billion in 2020 vs. $40.7 in 2010
product portfolio
Product Portfolio

Ihave a Scalability Challenge


Scaling Platform

Data scaling

End-to-end application scaling

I want to leverage the cost and agility benefit of cloud .

(Deal with scalability issues down the road..)

Cloud/PaaS On Boarding


Cloud Enablement

gigaspaces product evolution
GigaSpaces Product Evolution

From data, to application, to Virtual data center

result end to end scalability on a single platform
Result: End-to-End Scalability on a Single Platform

Handle Peak Loads

Improve Performance

Ensure Business


Reduce TCO

Get Real-Time Business Insights

customers samples
Customers Samples
  • Credit risk / pricing systems
  • Credit card services
  • Trading (equities / energy / fixed income / forex/high frequency) systems
  • Cloud/Virtualization Platforms
  • User web portal systems
  • Market Data systems
  • Reconciliation systems
real time processing with big data
REAL-TIME Processing with Big DATA
  • - In Memory Data Grid
  • - RT Processing Grid
  • Light Event Processing
  • Map-reduce
  • Event-driven
  • Execute code with data
  • Transactional
  • Secured
  • Elastic





  • NoSQL DB
  • Low-cost storage
  • Write/Read scalability
  • Dynamic scaling
  • Raw Data and aggregated Data

Analytics Application

Generate Patterns

massively parallel expert system
Massively Parallel Expert System

Surveillance Rules

Clinical Decision Support

Surveillance Results

GigaSpaces Grid + Drools

cloudify cloud provider agnostic
Cloudify—Cloud Provider Agnostic

1. Prepare

(No code change)

2. Deploy

The Result – Automatic Deployment and Orchestration

Central cockpit dashboard

gigaspaces business card
GigaSpaces Business Card
  • 300+ Direct Customers
  • 40+ Fortune 500 + Organization


  • 75+ Cloud Customers
  • 25+ ISVs

Founded 2000

public and analytics references
Public and analytics references

“Only a handful of vendors are offering comprehensive Elastic Application Platform (EAP) … Microsoft is in the Game with Azure…So are with its portfolio and GigaSpaces..”

“Vendors such as IBM, HP, Dell and Microsoft, GigaSpaces is well placed to bridge the worlds of a scalable data layer that runs on the cloud and a scalable data layer that drives the cloud”April 2011

gigaspaces chosen by microsoft for onboarding of java to azure cloud services
Gigaspaces chosen by Microsoft for onboarding of java to azure cloud services.
  • New York, September 13, 2011 – GigaSpaces Technologies, a pioneer of next generation application platforms for mission-critical applications, is now offering a solution that provides seamless on-boarding for enterprise Java and big-data applications to the Windows Azure platform.
  • “Customers that have enterprise Java applications can leverage the GigaSpaces solution to help them transition to the Windows Azure platform,” said PrashantKetkar, Director of Product Marketing, Windows Azure at Microsoft. “GigaSpaces is working with Microsoft to give Windows Azure customers deployment, management and monitoring capabilities for running applications in an agile and cost-effective way.”
  • The GigaSpaces solution for Azure leverages the company’s decade of experience in delivering application platforms for large-scale, mission-critical Java applications and was recognized at the recent Microsoft Worldwide Partners Conference as a building block for Windows Azure.
  • Goals for the Summit
    • To expand our presence in Pacific NW via Partners, Customers, Collaborators
    • Technical focus
      • Real-Time XYZ with NoSQL Big Data Solutions
        • Come to NoSQL Meetup on Dec 7 in Seattle
      • End-to-End Scaling
      • Cloudify
  • Contact me

Ravi Gadhia

Sales Director, Western Region

Mobile: +1 650 787 7727