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Travel trends for the year 2019 PowerPoint Presentation
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Travel trends for the year 2019

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Travel trends for the year 2019
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Travel trends for the year 2019

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  1. Travel Travel Zoom Zoom Interesting travel reports from all over the world Travel trends for the year 2019

  2. For the year 2019, there are already a number of interesting travel trends, which of course we do not want to deprive you but to introduce in this article. The activities and their priorities include maximizing short breaks, environmental awareness, relaxing vacations without stress, engaging in local projects on holiday, discovering unknown regions, and the influence of modern technology such as AI, travel apps on the behavior of Tourists and globetrotters.

  3. Maximizing short trips More than half of globetrotters and surveyed globetrotters (53 percent) say they plan to spend more weekend breaks in 2019, which will be big business for the local economy. 2019 will be the year of "bite-sized" travel - curated itineraries will be pressed into shorter periods. Improvements in flight routes, transportation, low-cost flights, on-demand car rentals and accommodations make short trips more popular and variable. Being able to book unique and memorable places to stay, especially on short breaks, is also supposed to be one of the trends for 2019. Conscious travel Imagine the year 2019 as the year of the conscious traveler. It has become a bit more sensitive, for example, in terms of human rights and equality, to improved working conditions and environmental problems in certain travel countries. Nearly half of travelers in various surveys said that social issues in certain countries are crucial to them; which in the end also decides whether you spend your holiday there or not. Meanwhile, more than half decide on certain destinations not to visit, if they think that the people who live there, for whatever reason, are oppressed.

  4. Skydiving in New Zealand Halong bay NEW TECHNOLOGIES Artificial intelligence, virtual reality, Speech recognition - these are the innovations that will slowly take over and simplify the holiday in 2019. Among other things, think of the keyless room access with your telephone, personal travel tips or a robot concierge who can communicate with guests in their native language. Many travelers can now use a single app for all planning, booking and travel requirements (57 percent), real-time baggage tracking, or even the use of self-driving means of transport (40 percent). In 2019, more technology research will be developed for pre-trip planning. Almost a third (31 percent) of travelers worldwide admire the idea of ​​a "virtual travel agent" in their home, and one in five would like to

  5. At close range 2019 is the year of serious consideration of how your travel information is consumed and used. One-third of travelers (34 percent) admit that someone or something should do the hard work for them and at the same time give them travel advice. Meanwhile, about two-fifths (41 percent) want tour operators to use technologies like AI to make travel suggestions based on previous travel experiences. More than half (52 percent) say they would be thrilled if a digital tour guide could offer them a truly customized experience. Next year is definitely a time to look out for companies that offer better ways to curate and deliver perfect holidays at the touch of a button.

  6. Travel Zoom Travel Zoom Interesting travel reports from all over the world For more interesting destinations visit