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Apply for Travel Insurance Claim Online PowerPoint Presentation
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Apply for Travel Insurance Claim Online

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Apply for Travel Insurance Claim Online - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Apply for Travel Insurance Claim Online

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  1. Apply for Travel Insurance Claim Online

  2. A lot of us, who actually do recognize and appreciate the value of travel insurance plan in our travel itinerary, are somehow discouraged by the idea of cumbersome and backbreaking claim settlement process of many a companies. As much as we would like a hassle-free, easy claim filling process, we are oftentimes bowled over by a lengthy and seemingly unending procedure to claim our sum insured. But thanks to the technology, many of our travel blues now stand sorted given the easy and quick access to all the major insurance providers online. Hereunder we provide a simple procedure to claim for travel insurance online :

  3. You start by filling out your insurer's claim form online. You'd readily find them on their websites. • Make sure the emergency that you're claiming cover for from your insurance company is covered under the contract. You cannot file claim for just any reason under the sun. • The form requires you to give all the details of your policy and your emergency. • They would also need you to attach all the documentation, for instance hospital bills, etc, to the form as proof of the fact that you actually were caught in an emergency.

  4. Remember to give them as many details of your problem as possible. The more transparent your situation, the easier it will be for the insurer to indemnify you. • You can fax the form and all the documentation to the insurer's address mentioned on their website. • They should contact you soon afterwards. In case they don't, you can reach them on any of their toll free numbers mentioned online. • By following these simple steps given above you can apply for travel insurance claim online without any hassle.

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