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WOTD List #3

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WOTD List #3. 2013-2014. WOTD #71. Reproach (v)- to accuse of a fault; to scold; to reprimand Ex.- Tina knew that her parents would reproach her for failing the test. WOTD #72. Integrate (v)- to bring all parts together into a whole

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wotd list 3

WOTD List #3


wotd 71
WOTD #71
  • Reproach (v)- to accuse of a fault; to scold; to reprimand
    • Ex.- Tina knew that her parents would reproach her for failing the test.
wotd 72
WOTD #72
  • Integrate (v)- to bring all parts together into a whole
    • Schools were integrated in the late 1950s to allow students of all colors to attend the school.
wotd 73
WOTD #73
  • Integrity (n)- the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.
    • Ex.- Displaying integrity, Sarah returned the money when the cashier gave her too much change.
wotd 74
WOTD #74
  • Sublime (adj)- outstanding; inspires awe or great admiration; of great intellectual or moral worth
    • Making life sublime requires people to be individuals and achieve their goals.
wotd 75
WOTD #75
  • Superficial(adj)- concerned only with the obvious or apparent
    • Shrek was so lonely because people were very superficial and did not recognize that he was a good ogre.
wotd 76
WOTD #76
  • Cordial (adj)- warm, sincere, friendly; strongly felt
    • Though the couple broke up, they still maintained a cordial friendship.
wotd 77
WOTD #77*
  • Admonition (n)- cautionary warning or advice
    • Also seen as admonish (verb form)
    • Paul in the New Testament gives the admonition to readers to be honest, true, pure, just, and seek after things of a good report.
wotd 78
WOTD #78
  • Divine (adj)- excellent, delightful; of, from, or like G-d
    • Also seen as divinity (noun form)
    • Religious leaders profess to receive divine instruction which is to lead people in righteousness.
wotd 79
WOTD #79
  • Conform (v)- to be in similar type; to comply; to behave in a socially acceptable manner
    • People of all ages often feel the pressure to conform in order to be accepted.
wotd 80
WOTD #80
  • Stalwart (adj)- sturdy; well-built; brave
    • Ex.- The moving company sent three stalwart young men to move our piano to the third floor.
wotd 81
WOTD #81
  • Scrupulously (adv)- in a conscientious and honest manner
    • Henry scrupulously recorded the minutes of the meeting.
wotd 82
WOTD #82
  • Tact (n)- skill in dealing with people
    • It was a delicate subject, one that had to be approached with great tact.
wotd 83
WOTD #83
  • Adage (n)- old saying that is popularly accepted as truth
    • “Absence makes the heart grow fonder” is an example of an adage.
wotd 84
WOTD #84*
  • Liable (adj)- responsible; likely
    • The credit-card company said that I was liable for all the charges made on my account.
wotd 85
WOTD #85
  • Stealth (n)- secret, sneaky, or quiet action
    • The cat approached the birdcage with stealth.
wotd 86
WOTD #86
  • Lucrative (adj)- profitable
    • Ms. Lalich’s business has been so lucrative that she is thinking of expanding it.
wotd 87
WOTD #87
  • Distinctly (adv)- unmistakably; different
    • Peter distinctly heard the men discussing a burglary they planned to commit.
wotd 88
WOTD #88
  • Efface (v)- to erase; to wipe out
    • The scary movie could not be effaced from the child’s mind.
wotd 89
WOTD #89
  • Martyr (n)- a person who suffers or dies for a particular cause
    • Mahatma Gandhi became a martyr when he was assassinated after leading a peaceful civil rights movement in India.
wotd 90
WOTD #90
  • Renounce (v)- to give up; to disown
    • Ex.- Mike decided to renounce motorcycle riding after his best friend was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident.
wotd 91
WOTD #91*
  • Ensign (n)- a flag for a nation; a sign or emblem of a particular thing
    • The many national championships are ensigns of the Crimson Tide’s greatness.
wotd 92
WOTD #92
  • Doppelganger (n)- two people who look exactly alike; a ghostly version of a live person
    • Many TV shows involve supernatural humans who often have doppelgangers as an evil twin.
wotd 93
WOTD #93
  • Sunder (v)- to break apart; to split
    • Neither of us wanted the disagreement to sunder our friendship.
wotd 94
WOTD #94
  • Frayed (adj)- worn; ragged
    • The cuffs of this jacket are frayed; otherwise, it’s in good shape.
wotd 95
WOTD #95
  • Amply (adv)- generously; more than adequate in size or amount
    • Ex.- During hurricane season, Floridians are amply supplied with bottled water, food, gas, and generators.
wotd 96
WOTD #96
  • Folly (adj)- lack of good sense or understanding; foolishness
    • In Bali, it would be a folly to wear shorts in one of the Hindu temples.
wotd 97
WOTD #97
  • Impede (v)- to delay or prevent; to hinder
    • A lack of organization can impede a student from earning good grades.
wotd 98
WOTD #98*
  • Gaudy (adj)- brilliantly or excessively showy
    • The woman was dripping in jewels of all kinds, making a beautiful outfit seem gaudy instead.
wotd 99
WOTD #99
  • Visage (n)- a person’s face with particular reference to shape
    • The sunken visages of the Holocaust victims made a lasting impression upon the students.
wotd 100
WOTD #100
  • Perplexity (n)- confusion; bewilderment
    • Trying to understand the theory of relativity left the man with a feeling of perplexity.
wotd 101
WOTD #101
  • Synopsis (n)- summary; short outline
    • Our assignment was to write a synopsis of the story.
wotd 102
WOTD #102
  • Constrain (v)- to force or compel; to hold back by force
    • The youths’ feelings of shame constrained them to admit responsibility for the vandalism.
wotd 103
WOTD #103
  • Grotesque (adj)- a fantastically ugly or comically distorted figure, creature, or image; bizarre
    • On Dia de Muertos (Day of the Dead) grotesque masks of skulls are often worn.
wotd 104
WOTD #104
  • Self-evident (adj)- needing no proof; obvious; apparent; plain
    • The difference in the quality of these two products is self-evident.
wotd 105
WOTD #105
  • Transient (adj)- temporary; passing quickly
    • The fashion model knew that her youthful, good looks were transient, so she began to develop her intellectual abilities.