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  1. Climate 77-66 winter 14 – 35 in summer

  2. New York By jahaziel

  3. food • Tacos • Chicken Rigges • Egg cream • Plain pizza

  4. Location Its by Vermont new Hampshire Massachusetts Rhode land Connecticut New jersey Pennsylvania

  5. Natural resources' Publishing paper mag even women milk, matches cars pumper camera And material to clean teeth.

  6. State thing • State capital new York • State trees sugar • State flower rose maple • State bird blue bird • Animals beaver brook trout, lady bug

  7. The land This country has more than 4,000 lakes they even have a good farm.

  8. location Empire State. CAPITAL: Albany. ENTERED UNION: 26 July 1788 (11th). SONG: "I Love new York" (unofficial). motto:excelsior (ever upward). coat of arms: liberty and justice stand on either side of a shield showing a mountain sunrise; surmounted on the shield is an eagle on a globe. in the foreground are a three-Masted ship and a Hudson river sloop, both representing commerce. liberty's left foot has kicked aside a royal crown. beneath the shield is the state motto. flag: dark blue with the coat of arms in the center. official seal: the coat of arms surrounded by the words "the great seal of the state of new York." animal: beaver. bird: bluebird. fish: brook or speckled trout. flower: rose. tree: sugar maple. fruit: apple. beverage: milk. gem: garnet. fossil: sea scorpion (eurypterids remixes). legal holidays: new year's day, 1 January; birthday of martin Luther king, Jr., 3rd Monday in January; Lincoln's birthday, 12 February; Washington's birthday, 3rd Monday in February; memorial day, last Monday in may; flag day, 2nd Sunday in June; independence day, 4 July; labor day, 1st Monday in September; Columbus day, 2nd Monday in October; general election day, 1st Tuesday after the 1st Monday in November; veterans day, 11 November; thanksgiving day, 4th Thursday in November; Christmas day, 25 December. time: 7 am Est = noon gm..