Know about patents and their value
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What You Need to Assessing the Value of a Patent - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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You Need to Assessing the Value of a Patent if you want to sell your patent. TransactionsIP LLC is an experience patent brokerage and licensing firm, offers patent valuation and patent broker services. Read more:-

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Know about patents and their value

Know About Patents and Their Value

What You Need to Know About Patents and Their Value

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Patent valuation
Patent Valuation

  • A Patent,is a legal document covering the technology of your invention.

  • It is a social contract with the government in which you exchange the knowledge of your invention in return for a limited monopoly on your invention for 20 years.

  • This monopoly allows you to prevent others from practicing your invention without your permission.

  • Preventing others usually involves some sort of legal involvement and can involve litigation.

  • There is a misconception of many that a patent gives you the right to commercialize your invention.

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Monetize your patent
Monetize Your Patent

  • This is not true, commercializing an invention takes money, management and luck, having a patent on your invention may help in this commercialization but, does not guarantee success.

  • So you have and invention and you have a patent.

  • To make money or monetize your patent and invention you have several choices.

  • Create a company and commercialize the invention yourself.

  • License your patent (give your permission to use your patent) to an established company that will try and commercialize you invention and pay you something like a royalty for each invention they sell.

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Sell you patent
Sell You Patent

  • Sell you patent. Or

  • if companies are infringing your patent (creating and selling products that incorporate your invention without your permission), you can work with a lawyer or a patent enforcement firm to litigate against these companies to pay you something for infringing your patent.

    The decision on how to monetizing your patent and invention affects the “value” of your patent and invention.

  • You created a company, sell many products based on your invention, take the company public and make millions of dollars. In this case your invention and patent are worth millions of dollars. Or you create company, fail and your patent runs out, your patent and invention are worth less than zero.

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Assessing the value of a patent
Assessing The Value Of A Patent

2. You license your patent and invention to an established company, they pay you a royalty on sales of products that incorporate your invention and you receive millions of dollars. Your patent and invention are worth millions of dollars. Or no companies will license your patent. It runs out and it is worth zero.

3. You sell your patent for several hundred thousand dollars. Your patent is worth several hundred thousand dollars. Or no one buys your patent, it is worth zero.

4. You have a patent enforcement company help you enforce your patent against infringing companies after several years you are successful and make millions of dollars, your patent is worth millions of dollars. Or there are no infringers or in litigation your patent is held to be invalid, your patent is worth less than zero dollars.

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Transactionsip llc patent broker
TransactionsIPLLC - Patent Broker

  • Basically there is no one right answer.

  • All the above scenarios have their risks and rewards. Contact a professional in the patent industry, either and experienced broker or an attorney that has experience in monetizing patents.

  • Discuss the pros and cons, have them evaluate your situation and advise you on what they would recommend. A patent broker can help you in the licensing or sales of your patent and invention.

  • A venture capitalist may be able to provide money to help start a company.

  • A lawyer or patent enforcement firm may be able to help you enforce your patent. Talk to them all if you can.

  • TransactionsIP LLC is an experience patent brokerage and licensing firm. We can advise you on the best course of action and if that course is to license or sell your patent we can help.

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Contact us
Contact Us

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