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Distance Learning Cart PowerPoint Presentation
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Distance Learning Cart

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Distance Learning Cart - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Distance Learning Cart. New and Improved! 2009 Edition!. Photo Guide!. “Those were the easiest directions I’ve ever used.” – Geoffrey Fisher. Revised 4/3/2014. Table of Contents (Clickable). Setup Mute Microphone Make Calls in District Shut Down. Microphones Elmo Doc Cam

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Distance Learning Cart

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    1. Distance Learning Cart New and Improved! 2009 Edition! Photo Guide! “Those were the easiest directions I’ve ever used.” – Geoffrey Fisher Revised 4/3/2014

    2. Table of Contents(Clickable) • Setup • Mute Microphone • Make Calls in District • Shut Down • Microphones • Elmo Doc Cam • Set Up Doc Cam • Operate Doc Cam • Connect a Computer

    3. Distance Learning Cart Part 1: Setup

    4. This is your Distance Learning Cart.

    5. Roll it to a place in your classroom or library.

    6. Under the bottom shelf is a power cord.Unwrap it.

    7. Plug it in!

    8. In the drawer is a network cable. Both ends look the same.

    9. Plug one end into the wall.

    10. Near the bottom of the cart is a plate.

    11. Plug other end into the plate.

    12. Press red button on projector.

    13. Wait a minute…

    14. You see yourself!

    15. Note IP address in upper right corner.

    16. Projector • Move knob on lens to zoom. • Move inner dial to focus

    17. To answer a call:Do nothing.Calls answer automatically.

    18. Check that your wired microphone isplugged in.

    19. You may center it in the room.

    20. Setup Complete!You are ready to receive calls.

    21. Distance Learning Cart Part 2: Mute Mic

    22. Find remote control in drawer.

    23. Mute your microphone (mic) when your class is supposed to listen.

    24. Press yellow Mic offbutton.

    25. This symbol appears on screen in upper right corner. Your microphones are all off.

    26. No one can hear you now. All your mics are mute.

    27. Press it again to be heard.

    28. Distance Learning Cart Part 3: Make Calls in District

    29. Other CVS schools are in a “phone book”. It is easy to call them.

    30. Find remote control.

    31. Press redPhone Book button.

    32. Arrow up and downto find your caller.

    33. Press green Call keyto call.

    34. Talk and wave to your caller. See and hear your caller in return.

    35. You may add other schools to your call. Up to four can be connected.

    36. Press red End Call keyto end calls.

    37. Read screen directions to hang up.

    38. Distance Learning Cart Part 4: Shut Down

    39. Turn off your projector first!

    40. Press red buttontwice on the projector.

    41. When projector fan stops, unplug cart.

    42. Wrap up power cord.

    43. Unplug both ends of network cable.

    44. Put remote and network cable in the drawer.

    45. Return the cart from whence it came.

    46. Distance Learning Cart Part 5: Microphones

    47. There is one wired mic.

    48. Use wired mic all the time.

    49. There are 2 wireless mics. 2 1

    50. Turn one wireless mic on. Use it. On/Off