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  1. Presentation Outline • Company Background • Interactive Voice • Multi-Tasking IVR Builder, Unified Messaging Platform • Cost Reduction • Rapid Deployment • Selected Customers • Case Studies • Telecom, Finance, Transportation, Emergency Services • Summary

  2. Internet Provider Mobile Carrier Israel Telecom Cable TV Mobile Carrier Telecom Credit card Bank Insurance Finance Israeli Defense Forces Electrical Company Hospital Hospital Emergency Other Sectors Include: Call Centers Academic Hospitals Campaigns Insurance Hotels Entertainment Roads Traffic Alert Systems

  3. Multi-Tasking Application Builder • Complete Development Platform for Interactive Multi-Tasking Voice Activated Services • Rich, Field Proven Modules and Icons Library • Easy Integration with 3rd Party Applications • Scalable, Redundant, Robust Architecture • Full Utilities Suite

  4. Real Time Debug Environment On-the-fly Modifications Multitasking Application Engine Fully Customizable (C++ Development Environment) Easy to Use Graphics User Interface, Drag & Drop Tools for Rapid Development Development Platform

  5. Basic Icons Modules Work Hour Pop-up messages Voice box Outbound DB Manager Fax on demand Conference E-mail Q-In-place Statistics Playback Record Input Menu Assign Call Subroutine Task Condition Delay Flash Dial CPN RS232 TCP/IP Fax Language Speech Recognition Text to Speech Rich Modules & Icon Library • IVR & Messaging features packaged into Icons & Modules for rapid application development • Developers can generate and assign new Icons and Modules for later use

  6. 3rd Party Integration Speech Recognition Integrated with Nuance & NSC Text-to-Speech Integrated with LNH User Voice Authentication Secure Acoustic Digital Signatures • Enabling secure • remote transactions 3rd Party Applications Open Architecture for Easy Integration with 3rd Party Applications

  7. Cost Reduction • Establishing a new standard in the market for design and efficiency • Extremely short curve from specification to deployment • Shortest time to market • Quick ROI–A key selling point in today’s market • Maximize customer benefits and savings • Enhanced Functionality • Balance call centers agents’ peak load • Significantly reduce staff requirements

  8. Rapid Deployment • Quick Development and Modifications • Lower implementation time and costs • Reduced manpower requirements • Fast, on-the-fly changes and debugging • Reduced Deployment Costs • Modules and Icons cover major functionality • On-the-fly modifications upload capabilities • Ease in converting custom built applications to modules

  9. Telecom Rapid Deployment Bezeq (Israel Telecom) Over 1,000 simultaneous IVR ports, routing, sales campaign, pay by phone, balance checking, fax on demand 5 people x 6 months Saved 800 employees Pele-Phone (Cellular Provider) Over 250 ports, Outbound system, Alert before disconnect due to unpaid bills, Marketing Campaign 2 people x 2 months Saved 40 employees Banking Over 600 ports, Transactions’ approval, call routing, balance checking, fax on demand 5 people x 4 months Saved 250 employees Visa, Leumi-Card Selected Customers

  10. Emergency Services Rapid Deployment Hospital:3 people x 4 months Security Forces: 5 people x 5 months Serve Mission Critical Applications Hospitals and Security Forces Prioritized dynamic list, activating multiple methods to reach selected staff, real time reports and statistics of results. Installed at all Israeli Hospitals, 500 ports and IDF 10,000 ports. Educational Institutes Universities Student’s grades, book ordering (libraries), balance status, Installations at all Israeli Universities and colleges. 3 people x 5 monthsSaved 100’s employees Cable TV & SAT. Pay per view, call routing, service scheduling, pay by phone, balance status, Installed at all Israeli Cable TV providers 4 people x 4 months Saved 100’s employees Service Providers Selected Customers (Contd.)

  11. Sophisticated Needs Subscribers balance, credit cards payment, unpaid bills announcements. Skills based routing, pop up messages, sales campaign, dynamic fax and e-mail on demand, fault reports, in queue announcement Advanced Features 3rd Party Integration Fully integrated with Genesys Call-Center software & Vantive CRM. Rapid Rollout Over 1,000 ports, implemented by 5 people in 5 months. Case Study: Telecom Bezeq Israel Telecom, Customer Service Center 250,000 calls daily

  12. Sophisticated Needs Subscribers balance, credit cards registration, available services, fax on demand. Skills based routing, pop up messages, sales campaign, dynamic fax and e-mail on demand, fault reports, in queue announcement. Advanced Features Cost Reduction Reduced hundreds of agents from previous call center. Rapid Rollout Over 400 ports, implemented by 4 people in 3 months. Case Study: finance Lumi Bank, Credit Card Customer Service Center 150,000 calls daily

  13. Advanced Needs Customer answering services, including maps by fax, traffic status, credit card & bank payments, place in queue announcement. Rapid Rollout Within two months design period GMA presented a fully functional system due to the platform’s proven off-the-shelf modules & icons. 200 ports, implemented by 4 people in 2 months Cost Reduction Call center staff reduced by 60%. Case Study:Transportation The Trans Israel Toll Highway is envisioned to unite Israel’s urban centers from North to South.

  14. Unparalleled Need Quick emergency alert & mobilization of reserve units. The ability to call up and process tens of thousands of reservists per unit in a short period of time. Demanding Features Activating thousands of lines and calls simultaneously; real-time status reports, prioritized dynamic list, real-time management and control. Mission Critical Performance IVR Builder won a highly competitive multinational tender. Performance, reliability, scalability and non-stop operation are key issues for this Mission Critical App. Rapid Deployment More than 10K ports, Implemented by 5 people in 5 months. Case Study: Emergency Services IDF relies on its reserve army; Speed & accuracy of draft critical

  15. What we offer • Full collaboration • Technical training and support • License the Core Technology • GMA to provide applications development for a • period of time. • Hand Over Period • GMA to provide outsourced development

  16. Bottom Line Highly evolved scalable, modular Unified Communications architecture (IVR & Unified Messaging) Rapid Application Development - Unparalleled time to installation and deployment; on-the-fly debugging and modification Significant cost reduction in assembly, operation and integration with legacy systems and 3rd party apps

  17. Thank You