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Understanding Alternative Medicines

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Understanding Alternative Medicines - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The internet is an absolute source of knowledge, it can get you any information you want. So the next time you see any medicine advertisement on TV, you might want to check about its harmful side effects on your body.

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Understanding Alternative Medicines

The trends in the medical world are changing. People are rapidly moving towards more natural and

alternate forms of medicine. These days’ people don’t blindly trust their doctors because many

times, modern medicine and treatment side effects are worse than the disease itself. Take

chemotherapy as an example, which tops the list. But many of the FDA approved – over the counter

selling drugs can be just as harmful. The internet is an absolute source of knowledge, it can get you

any information you want. So the next time you see any medicine advertisement on TV, you might

want to check about its harmful side effects on your body.

Now look at the funny side, on confronting the doctor, even if he/she says that the drug is safe and

you can easily withstand the side effects, many of these so called safe drugs can cause severe kidney

and liver damage, ulcers, tumors or worse. So by the time you manage to get rid of one ailment, it

may have created another problem.

However, complementary and alternative mode of medicines, like acupuncture and massage

therapy, falls outside the realm of current mainstream medical practice. It basically means that it

does not have any adverse side effects. Though they could be slow in delivering the desired results,

but the alternative mode of medications would not damage your body in any way.

However, it is important to note here that in the case of acute problems or accidents, conventional

mode of treatments should not be avoided. Even in chronic health issues, complimentary medicine

should be used in conjunction with conventional medical therapies to get maximum benefit for the

patient’s body. Overall, this strategy will propel the treatment process towards faster and longer

lasting success.

The National Institute of Health (NIH), in the year 1992 outlined seven areas of alternative and

complementary medicine, they are:

Homeopathy and acupuncture therapy.

Herbal remedies.

Approaches of nutritional and dietary support.

Various types of massage therapies.

Touch based and magnetic field therapies.

Mind & body inversions.

Unconventional biological and pharmaceutical applications.

The approaches of dietary measures, herbal medications, yoga and breathing exercises, and

acupuncture applications are included in Naturopathic mode of medicines, which is based on the

belief that body can be healed from within, without the use of any external drug support. The

supplementation of important vitamins and minerals and herbal remedies are used to enhance

the concentration of nutrients in the body, which will eventually aid the body’s natural healing

mechanism. Acupuncture on the other hand is believed to improve the flow of vital energy in the

body the stimulating various meridians or energy points in the body via fine needles.



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