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Vastu Shastra is one of the most valued teaching of ancient India’s architecture. Dealing with the science of architecture, it explains how a building should be planned to develop positive energy around us in our lives.

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  1. Birth Time & Vedic Astrology Normally, a question arises in our minds, that what do our birth date, time and place have to do with our astrological predictions? We live in the era of internet and technology, why do we need to be so specific about birth details. Horoscope Reading in Jaipur, Or how can our birth details effect our present or future life? Well, Astrology is science that studies the pattern and position of the celestial bodies in space. The time at which we were born, the pattern and positions of these planets and stars noted down. Each position and pattern depicts the impact that a celestial body can make on our lives. With a mere 10 minute of difference in the birth time, the degree of the rising sun for a natal chart can shift often by 7 degrees. In simpler words, the more southern or northern the birthplace is, the faster the ascendant moves and it becomes more critical to have a clear picture on the birth time. If these issues ignored, while working upon the birth times, the charts prepared will not be able to predict the impact of the strongest planets. The astro- mapping methods cannot give the correct predictions unless and until there is not a shift of timing. Normally, we tend to provide the rounded of time for predictions, which is not a correct way of knowing the prediction regarding our lives. Vastu consultant in Jaipur The best astrologers in Jaipur suffer a big time because a 10 minute discrepancy in the birth time can drastically change the planet houses and the entire reading about an individual can just become invalid. Most of the astrologers have to rectify the charts before consultancy sessions and predictions. Even if the twins are born within a birth difference of 10 minutes, which difference can majorly alter the position of celestial bodies for a person? Even a couple of minutes can drastically alter a person’s birth chart and the person’s life. So, if you are looking for the astrology consultation, you must provide the correct information about the birth time to get maximum benefits.

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