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Term Project: Fitness Center

Stephanie Flauzino. Term Project: Fitness Center. Introduction to Topic.

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Term Project: Fitness Center

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  1. Stephanie Flauzino Term Project: Fitness Center

  2. Introduction to Topic I chose my workplace as my topic for my term project. I am a certified fitness instructor and I am currently working at a fitness center in a retirement home called Monroe Village. There are a few units that are needed to run the fitness center successfully. These units are the fitness director(the boss), gym staff, lifeguards, fitness instructors,and the residents who live there.

  3. Here are the three perspectives:I will use these to analyze my workplace… Structural Functional this perspective views society as a machine whose parts must be working together Symbolic Interaction this perspective views society as the sum of all personal interactions based on the interpretation of meaning Social Conflict this perspective views society as a competition for power and resources

  4. Structural Function A machine whose parts must be working together • The Structures: • Fitnessdirector-or the “boss”, gives everyone the correct directions on how to do their job. • GymStaff- assist every resident in the gym area, help them get on the exercise equipment and keep record of their attendance. • FitnessInstructors- teach aerobic and water classes • Lifeguards- make sure residents are safe in the pool • Housekeeping- keep the gym, pool and locker rooms clean • Maintenance- makes sure all gym and pool equipment are working properly • Residents- exercise in gym area, attend aerobic/pool classes, and swim in the pool.

  5. Structural Function A machine whose parts must be working together • How do the parts work together? • Every staff member needs the fitness director to guide them in the best way to perform their job. • The residents need the gym staff to be able to exercise. They also need the lifeguards to be able to use the pool safely. In return, the gym staff and lifeguards need the residents in order to have a job. • The housekeeping and maintenance departments are needed to keep the fitness center clean and working because the residents would not tolerate a dirty gym/pool with broken equipment. • The fitness instructor is needed to give the residents variety when it comes to their exercise.

  6. What is the function of the fitness center as a whole? The fitness center’s goal is to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for the residents to meet their exercise needs. All the staff members have their own part that they need to fulfill each day to reach that goal successfully. Each part of the staff needed to run the fitness center must work together efficiently and proficiently to keep the residents (our customers) satisfied.

  7. Structural Function A machine whose parts must be working together What are the manifests of the structure? The manifest of every unit of the staff needed to run the fitness center is to help the residents exercise and help them reach their best health possible. The manifest of the residents is that they require the aid of the fitness center and staff to help them get into their best physical shape.

  8. Structural Function A machine whose parts must be working together What are the latents of the structure? The latents for the staff are they get a chance to work with an older population which allows them to learn the skills needed to be able to take care of an older population. The staff can also acquire experience in the healthcare and the personal training departments, in case they decide to pursue those kinds of careers. The latents for the residents are, the residents become healthier from exercising, they also get a chance to socialize with their friends, and they can also ask questions about what exercises they should do to improve their physical health.

  9. Structural Function A machine whose parts must be working together • What are the dysfunctions of the structure? • Residents using the gym equipment improperly and getting hurt. • Residents not using the gym, pool or fitness classes and not improving their health. • Gym staff and lifeguards calling out, causing the director to close the pool and be short of staff in the gym area, which would bring a lot of disappointment to the residents.

  10. Structural Function A machine whose parts must be working together • How do these structures adapt? • All of the gym staff members are educated in the fitness department. They can assist the residents and tell them which machines are best for their physical condition. • The fitness instructors are regularly taking courses to update their knowledge of instructing aerobic and pool classes. The better their knowledge of the material than the better the workout the resident will receive. • The housekeeping and maintenance have to always do their best work, due to the fact that of frequent state inspections.

  11. Social Conflict Constant struggle for power and resources. What is the ultimate goal? • The fitness center’s ultimate goal is to provide the best program to either maintain the residents’ good physical health or to improve their bad physical health. The fitness center needs to meet the residents’ needs or they will want to start to look for different retirement home with a better fitness center. What are the power resources needed to reach goal? • Good quality gym equipment- to ensure the best workout • Well trained staff- to give the residents the best fitness guidance • Music- playing the residents preference in music(oldies) in the back round makes working out less boring • Upbeatattitudes- to motivate the residents to exercise regularly • Safetyequipment- to assist the residents in case of an emergency

  12. Social Conflict Constant struggle for power and resources. Who has these power sources? It is the retirement home’s responsibility (Monroe Village) to supply good quality gym equipment. They are the ones that control what gets purchased with the budget. The fitness director is responsible for hiring well trained staff that is fully educated in personal training. The fitness center would not be successful without well trained staff members. Music is played by the gym staff members. The residents also contribute to the music aspect of the fitness center by bringing in their favorite tapes and albums. Both the fitness director and gym staff members need to have upbeat and motivational attitudes. These kinds of attitudes are needed to keep the residents motivated to keep working out so that the fitness center has a purpose and so that they keep their health at its best. The fitness center has safety equipment located in the gym and pool area. There is even a first aid kit in the locker rooms. The safety equipment includes first aid kits, AED’s, and oxygen tanks. The staff members are all certified in CPR and lifeguard.

  13. Social Conflict Constant struggle for power and resources. • Who wants these power resources? • The residents want these resources so that they enjoy using the exercise facility in their retirement home. In today’s society, the living expenses of a retirement home are very expensive. The residents are going to want to get their money’s worth, so they are expecting to get the best of the best.

  14. Social Conflict Constant struggle for power and resources. Fighting about the resources: How? The bigger the budgets for the fitness center then the better the gym equipment. Playing the types of music that the residents like will keep them happy. Why? These resources are needed so the residents keep coming back to the fitness center. If the residents aren’t pleased then they will go elsewhere to find satisfaction. Where? These resources are found in any gym facility. Every retirement home has its own fitness center. Every fitness center needs to have these resources to reach their goal.

  15. Social Conflict Constant struggle for power and resources. Who is wining? The fitness centers’ that use all the power resources will be the most successful and will “win”. If a fitness center has good quality gym equipment, well trained staff with upbeat attitudes, generation appropriate music in the back round and safety equipment on the premises, then it will be very appealing the current residents and also to the prospective buyers.

  16. Symbolic Interaction Personal interactions based on the interpretation of meaning. What are the symbols involved and what do they mean? • Nametags- give off a professional look and familiarity • Fitness attire- represents what the fitness center is • Friendly smile- makes for a friendly environment, no resident would want to be greeted with a frown • Safety-fall stance-(when the staff member stands behind the resident, being ready to catch them if they fall while getting on the gym equipment) represents safety

  17. Symbolic Interaction Personal interactions based on the interpretation of meaning. Does everyone agree on this meaning? I believe that these symbols are agreed by everyone, since the are so straight forward. The only people that would be an exception would be the people who are no advocates of fitness and do not believe nor agree on the meanings of those symbols.

  18. Symbolic Interaction Personal interactions based on the interpretation of meaning. Interactions changing with time: I do not think that these interactions will change with time. The staff at fitness centers’ will always well fitness attire, along with name tags because it is professional. While working with an older population, the workers will always have to be cautious and ready to break someone’s fall. These interactions that are found in a fitness center and the kind that stick over time and rarely change.

  19. Application Conflicts & Solutions A conflict that might be found at the fitness center is the shortage of pool towels. For some unknown reason, Monroe Village(the retirement home) does not order more pool towels, which results in a towel shortage. There is a large group of residents that use the pool, for just walking, swimming or to attend the pool classes. All this activity in the pool means that there should be an abundant amount of pool towels and quite often, there isn’t. The solution to this problem would be for Monroe Village to order more pool towels or the residents bringing their own towels. Another conflict that arises in the fitness center are the arguments over what music should be played. Most of the residents like to hear oldies music but which band or singer should be played is the problem. Some residents want to hear Tony Benet, others seem to take a liking to Frank Sinatra and etc. The solution to this conflict

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