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Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium

Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium. A Peek at the Assessment System. Rachel Eifler January 30 , 2014 . SBAC Timeline. 2013/2014: Comprehensive field exams available Digital library created 2014/2015:

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Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium

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  1. Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium A Peek at the Assessment System Rachel Eifler January 30, 2014

  2. SBAC Timeline • 2013/2014: • Comprehensive field exams available • Digital library created • 2014/2015: • Full implementation of SBA for Grades 3 – 8 and 11(EOC continues as graduation requirement)

  3. Computer Adaptive Testing Administered by computer, a Computerized Adaptive Test (CAT) dynamically adjusts to the trait level of each examinee as the test is being administered.

  4. A Balanced Assessment System Summative assessments Benchmarked to college and career readiness Teachers and schools have information and tools they need to improve teaching and learning All students leave high school college and career ready Common Core State Standards specify K-12 expectations for college and career readiness Teacher resources for formative assessment practices to improve instruction (Optional) Interim assessments Flexible, open, used for actionable feedback (Optional)

  5. How will these tests be different from our current assessments? • Smarter Balanced assessments will go beyond multiple-choice questions and include short constructed response, extended constructed response, and performance tasks that allow students to complete an in-depth project that demonstrate analytical skills and real-world problem solving.

  6. “Students can demonstrate progress toward college and career readiness in mathematics.” Assessment Claims for Mathematics • “Students can demonstrate college and career readiness in mathematics.” Overall Claim (Gr. 3-8) • “Students can explain and apply mathematical concepts and interpret and carry out mathematical procedures with precision and fluency.” Overall Claim (High School) • “Students can solve a range of complex well-posed problems in pure and applied mathematics, making productive use of knowledge and problem solving strategies.” Claim 1 Concepts and Procedures • “Students can clearly and precisely construct viable arguments to support their own reasoning and to critique the reasoning of others.” Claim 2 Problem Solving • “Students can analyze complex, real-world scenarios and can construct and use mathematical models to interpret and solve problems.” Claim 3 Communicating Reasoning Claim 4 Modeling and Data Analysis

  7. 5th Grade Claim 1- Concepts and Procedures

  8. 5th Grade Claim 2- Problem Solving

  9. 4th Grade Claim 3- Communicating and Reasoning

  10. Sample MSP 3rd Grade Item

  11. Sample SBAC 3rd Grade Item

  12. Sample MSP 5th Grade Item

  13. Sample 5th Grade SBAC Item

  14. Sample 6th Grade MSP Item

  15. Sample 6th Grade SBAC Item

  16. http://www.smarterbalanced.org/ • More information • Practice Tests • Questions?

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