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電子資源管理系統解析 - 架構於 ERMI 之上 (Verde) PowerPoint Presentation
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電子資源管理系統解析 - 架構於 ERMI 之上 (Verde)

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電子資源管理系統解析 - 架構於 ERMI 之上 (Verde) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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電子資源管理系統解析 - 架構於 ERMI 之上 (Verde). 王敏政. AGENDA. ERMs 定義 ERMi 的真實展現 – Verde ERM 與各相關系統交互運作. An E-Resources Management System: The Vision.

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電子資源管理系統解析 - 架構於 ERMI 之上 (Verde)

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    1. 電子資源管理系統解析 - 架構於ERMI之上(Verde) 王敏政

    2. AGENDA • ERMs 定義 • ERMi 的真實展現 – Verde • ERM 與各相關系統交互運作

    3. An E-Resources Management System: The Vision “A system that supports management of the information and workflows necessary to efficiently select, evaluate, acquire, maintain, renew/cancel and provide informed access to e-resources in accordance with their business and license terms” - Ivy Anderson, Robin Wendler (Harvard University Library) and Ellen Duranceau (MIT Libraries) (Ivy Anderson is co-author of Functional Requirements for Electronic Resource Management published by DLF) 3

    4. How Well Are You Managing Your Electronic Resources? • Renewing subscriptions in a timely manner? • Tracking license terms and conditions? • Managing access? • Communicating with the vendor? 4

    5. Verde – ERMI 的真實展現

    6. Experience with ERMS in Libraries • Quantitative studies about library budgets in 2000-2002 (e.g. PWC, Elsevier) • Term ERM came in use • First qualitative studies in 2004 and 2005 • Libraries replace first generation in-house ERMs • 2005 - First libraries to start working with Verde

    7. Why a New System? • e-resources are more complex in structure and processing than print resources • e-resources differ in the way libraries • Describe • Acquire • Manage • Enable access • … and support them. • So many of them! 7

    8. Basic ERM Data Elements 8

    9. Cancel E-Resource lifecycle Renew Selection Acquisition Trial Access Renewal Review Discovery

    10. Management of Complex e-Resource Environment • Relationships • Interfaces, Packages and their constituent parts • Knowing which resources share the same interface, license terms, business terms… • Information • License permissions and constraints • User IDs, passwords, administrative info • Contacts for support and troubleshooting • Cancellation restrictions, price caps, etc. • Workflows • Trials • Renewals/cancellations • Implementing access • Notifying relevant staff

    11. What Verde Isn’t • A bibliographic maintenance system • A full scale acquisitions and payments system • An OpenURL resolver • An A-to-Z list provider • A Public Access Catalog • An Interlibrary Loan system • A public interface However, Verde works with all of the above supplying ERM information to those applications

    12. Verde works with .. Doesn’t duplicate Acq SFX ILL MetaLib Finance LDAP /AuthN. ALEPH Verde Serials Local

    13. 3rd party applications Web Services (SOAP) Verde Architecture OpenURL Staff interface 13

    14. Verde Data Structure There are 5 types of e-Products e-Interface e-Package e-Constituent (e-journal, e-book) e-Standalone e-Print

    15. Vocabulary • E-product: a general term for a product that is delivered electronically. E-products include: • E-interface: the interface in which the product is delivered. Usually this is a web interface, but it can be a client or an application. • E-constituent: a single e-journal or e-book. E-constituents are often collected by the publisher and sold as part of an e-package. • E-package: One or more e-constituents that are sold as a single unit. • E-standalone: An e-product that is sold by itself, not as part of an e-package. Example: an A&I database • E-print: In Verde, a printed product that is contractually tied to an e-package or an e-constituent

    16. Heirarchical Data Structure Based On e-Product Interface Print Standalone Package Constituents 16

    17. Hierarchy of attributes Interface Attributes (management areas) Package Package Package e - c o n s t i t u e n t s

    18. Relationships between e-Products Interface Package Constituents

    19. Example: One Licensor, Multiple Interfaces and License Agreements License Rider 20

    20. Mapping e-Resources to Verde Database EBSCOHost MasterFILE Premier National Forum Arts Church History EBSCO ATLA Serials Adolescence World Trade 1717 constituent + work records 440 constituent + work records 21

    21. Mapping e-Resources to Verde Database Journal of the American Ceramic Society Journal of the American Ceramic Society Journal of the American Ceramic Society EBSCOhost Art Index Retrospective EBSCOhost Business Source Corporate EBSCOhost

    22. Central KnowledgeBase Global KnowledgeBase Local KnowledgeBase The Verde Knowledge Base Local Verde Implementation

    23. Verde 2.0 Workflow System Workflow Engine (task manager) Roles assigned and tasks allowed Alerts and E-mail

    24. Roles, Profiles, and Permissions • Roles: High Level functions that you are assigned (License Manager, Webmaster, Reports person). Used by Workflow Alerts to notify appropriate staff • Permissions: Specific tasks/duties that you have permission to perform (given by your administrator) • Profiles: Groups of permissions (arbitrarily) bunched together and used by administrator to save time

    25. Workflow and task review • Verde 2.0 provides three workflows • Acquisitions • Licensing • Renewal • Each workflow has several tasks pre-defined • All workflows and tasks can be configured by the customer

    26. ERM 與各相關系統交互運作

    27. Decision Decision ALEPHVerdeSFXALEPH SFX/MetaLibMetaLib Acquisitions link server OPAC A-Z lists Metasearch Initiation Trial activate activate activate yes no deactivate deactivate deactivate PO; Invoice License terms; Acquisitions; Cost activate activate activate activate renew deactivate deactivate deactivate deactivate cancel

    28. 選擇ERM系統的幾項建議 • ERM 系統,必需要與其他系統結合使用才會有效率 • ERM 系統是專門館員使用的系統 • ERM系統必須要與館內其他系統無縫隙銜接 • 使用符合ERMI所制定規範的系統,才會有不斷擴充的未來,也才能夠與世界接軌。如COUNTER

    29. Thank You