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WEL COME. INNOVATIVE FIELD DEMONSTRATION ON POTATO CULTIVATION. Technology assessment and Transfer of Technology Need for Transfer of Technology in Agriculture Rural economy largely depends on growth in agriculture

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Wel come

  • Technology assessment and Transfer of Technology

  • Need for Transfer of Technology in Agriculture

  • Rural economy largely depends on growth in agriculture

    Farmers have to know and adopt modern technologies to enhance the productivity of their crops and livestock

  • They need to convey their problems to agricultural scientists

  • Need to bridge the gap between potential and actual yield Hence, transfer of technology activities required to bridge this gap and link farmers to agricultural Scientists


  • Potato is a staple food of human being and in daily diet it is commenly used.

  • This crop has demand throughout the year. The farmers of Dapoli tehsil are not aware about cultivation practises of potato.

  • The climatic conditions of this region are favorable and suitable for cultivation of tuber crops.


Details of demonstration

Details of demonstration

Wel come

Land preparation is commenly used.

Preparation of ridges and furrow

Cultivation practises

  • Selected land was well ploughed. is commenly used.

  • Well decomposted FYM @ 1 ton/acre were applied.

  • Chemical fertilizer 10:26:26 @ 100 kg/acre were given.

  • Seed treatment of Bavistin was done to reduce the attack of fungal diseases on tuber.

  • The treated tubers were planted on Ridges and Furrow at spacing of 60 X 20 cm.

  • Application of micronutrient Boron and Zinc sulphate @ 10 kg/ha.

  • Earthing up was done 35 days after sowing.

Cultivation Practises

Wel come

  • As per the need, irrigation was given. is commenly used.

  • During growth period of potato the attack of rotting was observed and it was effectively controlled by drenching of copper oxychloride or humicil.

  • The crop were ready to harvest within 70 to 75 days after sowing.


  • The cultivation potato is innovative demonstration for this region.

  • The soil and climatic conditions are suitable for succesful growing potato.

  • Due to this demonstration the farmers of that locality show the intrest to cultivate potato, number of farmers were visited to demonstration plot and ready to adopt this crop on their field next season.

  • There is need to suggest the suitable package of practices and new varietis varieties for that region.


Wel come

THANK YOU region.