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MET CS683 TravelDroid

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MET CS683 TravelDroid. Michelle Milton Gowtham Venkat John Winderbaum Mobile Application Development 08/04/2009. Project Description.

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met cs683 traveldroid

MET CS683 TravelDroid

Michelle Milton

Gowtham Venkat

John Winderbaum

Mobile Application Development


project description
Project Description
  • TravelDroid is an application that runs on Android-based mobile devices. Its primary function is to provide guided tours of historical routes in popular travel destinations across the globe.
  • User Base: Cheap tourists that own Google android devices and are interested in local history.
  • Main Benefits
    • Eliminates the need for printed tour guides.
    • Allow tourists to walk on historical tours at their own pace.
    • Provide a unique guided tour at a fraction of the price.
    • Allow users to share their experiences with friends and family.
original project scope
Original Project Scope
  • Provide basic Travel Guide capability for Boston’s Freedom Trail
  • Including:
    • POIs (Points Of Interest), route and user location information overlaid on Google Maps using the mapping API.
    • A dialog will be displayed when a user reaches a POI and will contain factual information about the location.
    • An audio file will be played that provides a narrative of the POI.
    • Statistics about distance traveled, distance remaining and estimated time left,will be displayed to the user.
current project status
Current Project Status
  • TravelDroid implements all of the original scope at a basic level.
  • Relatively stable 
  • Added Functionality:
    • Splash Screen with Logo
    • User statistics upload capability
  • One idea that we would have liked to implement was the option to display restaurants along the selected tour.
future goals
Future Goals
  • Retrieval of Tour data from a server. (XML and Audio Files)
  • Filter available tour list based on user’s location.
  • Present user with ticket availability information and the option to purchase tickets for events at a particular POI. (i.e. Tour of Paul Revere’s House)
  • Include additional Tours for Boston and other cities.
  • Add tour summary event.
  • Travel website where users can share their tour experiences.
  • Subversion/ADK/Eclipse Installation issues
  • Screen Size
  • Android Platform Nuances
  • Proximity Alerts
user guide start screen
User Guide – Start Screen
  • User is presented with a list of tours. Each tour includes:
    • Current distance from Tour.
    • Total length of each tour.
    • Short Description.
  • Selecting a tour takes the user to the Map screen.
  • Pressing the menu button brings up an option to quit the application.
user guide map screen
User Guide – Map Screen
  • Presents the user with a map of their current location.
  • Displays the route of the selected Tour. (i.e. The Freedom Trail)
  • Overlays each POI along the route.
  • Provides a button to start/pause/continue the tour.
  • Menu options:
    • Toggle Sound
    • Toggle Satellite Display
    • View Statistics
    • Upload Statistics
    • Quit Tour
user guide poi detail screen
User Guide – POI Detail Screen
  • Presents user with a textual description of the site.
  • Plays audio description for the POI.
  • Button to open web browser with Wiki-Pedia page for the selected POI.
  • Button to close the screen.
user guide stats screen
User Guide – Stats Screen
  • Displays currently calculated statistics for the Tour.
  • Includes:
    • Estimated Finish Time
    • Current Pace
    • Distance Covered since starting the tour.
  • These stats can be uploaded to a server via the “Upload Stats” menu option.