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Pet Advice for Condo Owners PowerPoint Presentation
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Pet Advice for Condo Owners

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Pet Advice for Condo Owners
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Pet Advice for Condo Owners

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  1. Pet Advice for Condo Owners

  2. The number of condo owners has skyrocketed, so has the number of pets making their homes in the sky. When it was once forbidden to have pets inside a condominium, nowadays, developers are including pet-friendly spaces in their designs.

  3. With great consideration to the size, kind and number of animals, condominiums now have pet regulations in their own policies.

  4. Including and promoting pet services with the offerings of rooftop dog runs and in-house doggie spas with showers, to outdoor pet parks complete with fake tree stumps make a huge advantage for condominium owners

  5. According to The Peterson Group Bespoke Condominium and Residences, expert in matchmaking expatriates to luxury apartments in Singapore, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Indonesia and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This is good news to all pet lovers but there are still a set of regulations and safety precautions for them to consider and follow:

  6. * Train Them Early

  7. Pets are like children. That means that they can also create a lot of ruckus and misbehave so you can expect a slightly chaotic living. It becomes worse in a condo since you have neighbors and regulations to follow.

  8. To avoid complaints, make sure to train them early. Like children, they can be obedient if proper training is implemented.

  9. * Ensure Safety

  10. Kids are not the only ones who need safety precautions. Depending on the layout of your space, there may be additional hazards which can harm your pets. And pets, considering they don’t have human comprehension to understand the warning signs, are exposed to more risk. Make sure there are no open outlets, electrical wires and cords lying around and rubber protectors for tables, chairs and railings.

  11. * Keep away from easy-stained items for pet

  12. From floor to ceiling, make sure you don’t have any items, furniture, appliances and other property that can be easily scratched, stained, torn or bitten. The wooly carpets should be changed, the floors should be laminated and the walls should be painted with sturdy paints.

  13. * Close shelves and cabinets

  14. Cats are good climbers; dogs just seem to have access to anything. Although they don’t seem to think much, pets are witty and unpredictable. They can cause drastic accidents and damage if let alone. Locks are good thing to invest on or you might as well train them properly to stay away from hazardous things.

  15. * Don’t Forget to take them out for a walk

  16. Although pets are now fit to condo living, make sure you also get a life for them by taking them out for a walk or a stroll. They need as much freedom as humans do and always let them feel they are loved. Pets can be more loyal than other people.

  17. T H A N K Y O U