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Fences and Gates PowerPoint Presentation
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Fences and Gates

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Fences and Gates
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Fences and Gates

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  1. Fences and Gates

  2. If you are living in a condominium, you wouldn’t need to think about building fences for your property. But since you can’t live in a cramped condominium with uncertain life span in front of you, you have to think fast on how and what kind of fence you will be making. Yes, there are actually different kinds of fences and gates, far from other people know.

  3. The Peterson Group Bespoke Condominium and Residence, expert in finding the best and most suitable home for our valued expatriates in Singapore, Jakarta, Indonesia, Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong, has uncovered different fences which speak both artistry and functionality.

  4. Brick Walls Bricks have been around ever since people the medieval times and things have been good for them ever since. We have used it for homes and fences and while we are at it, we have even used bricks for walls and ovens. These are not the only things heeded by bricks. It seems like until now, bricks are still familiar for both protection and visual.

  5. Wrought Iron Irons are known to be the most popular item to be used as a gate or a fence. There are currently a wide variety of wrought irons specifically for this purpose. The most popular is the black iron used to produce a chic concept and impression.

  6. Low Slung Fences Low slung fences are featured with a square post at corners. This design is mostly used for elevated homes. It is also used if you are growing shrubs near your gate but not that effective against fraudsters. The traditional version is the picket fence.

  7. Round walls Round walls are sometimes used in gardens but it can also be applied to achieve secure yet rustic impression of your home. Some even incorporate moon gates, a circular opening mostly used in Chinese gardens but has now became very popular in luxury homes.

  8. According to tradition, the moon gate enables good vibes and fortune to enter the dwelling place and it is also a good luck for couples to walk through it together.

  9. Natural Wood Fence Much to eastern taste, natural wood fences bring out light when reflected with the green grass. It is much better to create a lattice style upper deck. It also brings out warm feeling because of the use of wood.

  10. It may also be used to protect privacy without sacrificing design. This way, you are more secure against complaints from neighbors when you are out partying at night and it also prevents you on being the center of gossip.