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  1. WHAT IS FUTSAL? Click here video

  2. FUTSAL IS • Ideal for developing player's technical and tactical skills. • Ideal medium to develop football intelligence. • Futsal emphasizes skill rather than crude physical power. • The smaller and heavier ball is a great instrument in promoting sole technical development.


  4. One touch receiving and passing are used in wall passes and rotations and these certainly translate into success in the classic outdoor game. MORE TOUCHES • The number of ball touches is much greater than in conventional football. • Allowing the player to develop faster and more refined foot skills. Click here video


  6. The small numbers of players in Futsal makes it crucial for all players to defend and attack . NEW FOOTBALL REQUIREMENTS

  7. Players learn to be mentally alert because the game is in constant transition due to winning and losing ball possession. NEW FOOTBALL REQUIREMENTS • Solving many tactical problems of modern football under pressure.

  8. SPEED

  9. It develops individual footwork and speed of game. SPEED • Modern football is characterized by its fast pace in Futsal. • Due to tight space, the ball has to move faster.

  10. SPEED Develop self-confidence. • Quickness in decision making technically and tactically gives them more confidence which they can apply to the outdoor game.

  11. FUN

  12. FUN • High scoring • Every player has an opportunity to score • Fast paced and exciting • Permanent movement

  13. Goalkeeper Development

  14. Goalkeeper Development • GK has to be active and not glued or keep their goal line. • GK has to move with the ball • GK has to keep in line with the ball

  15. Goalkeeper Development • GK has to learn principles of ball possession. angle support • GK has to learn principles of good passing timing weight

  16. They also learn how to participate in attack as a player Goalkeeper Development Fifth player


  18. It is already played around the world by over 30 million people of both sexes in at least 100 countries. POPULAR • Futsal can be considered the most rapidly growing indoor sport.

  19. Every day more and more Federations, Associations, Academies, schools and clubs are discovering its excitement and learning value. POPULAR

  20. SAFER

  21. Sliding tackles, shoulder charges and other rough aspects of football are not allowed. SAFER FAIR PLAY • Futsal is a sport whose rules provide the conditions for fair play and do not permit any excessive physical contact.

  22. SAFER One of the main reasons loved by parents and mothers in particular, who don't have to worry about injuries and fights. LESS INJURIES • Violence, which has plagued soccer for decades is virtually non existent in Futsal LESS ANXIETY

  23. ‘Magic’ UEFA technical director Andy Roxburgh touched on the ‘magic’ of Futsal in an illuminating address to the second UEFA Futsal Conference in Madrid. Incredibly exciting Roxburgh said, ‘Futsal is speed, both in technique and decision-making.It was about tight spaces and creativity. It was incredibly exciting’ FUTSAL IS MAGIC

  24. ‘Very significant' With the standard higher than ever before, Roxburgh explained how it was a natural progression last year when Futsal moved to UEFA's professional football division: ‘We had come a long way from 1996 when Futsal was embraced for the first time in a UEFA context. What we did was have an internal transfer, it was very significant. It sent a signal that we felt Futsal should be in the same category as professional competitions like the EURO and Under-21s.’ Football + Futsal = ‘United front’ He added that the football development division at UEFA would continue its involvement with Futsal,…….. the departmental move underlined that Futsal no longer came under just one desk. Instead ‘the whole organisation is now contributing to Futsal's development and growth’.

  25. Grassroots needs Roxburgh said the focus must switch to the grassroots and progress from ‘the bottom up as well as from the top down’. He said there must be greater promotion, and crucially…….they should do all they can: ‘Futsal is fantastic when you see it in a packed hall, on a fast surface with good players and a lot at stake. What you see is sensational...it is a kind of magic.’