Kite runner chapters 11 15
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Kite Runner Chapters 11-15. Group 3 Robi, Jack, Elber. Vocab. 1. Affluent: Having an abundance of wealth. 2. Obstinate: Stubbornly adhering to one's opinion. 3. Veracity: Accuracy. 4. Cretin: A stupid or mentally defective person.

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Kite runner chapters 11 15

Kite RunnerChapters 11-15

Group 3

Robi, Jack, Elber


  • 1. Affluent: Having an abundance of wealth.

  • 2. Obstinate: Stubbornly adhering to one's opinion.

  • 3. Veracity: Accuracy.

  • 4. Cretin: A stupid or mentally defective person.

  • 5. Palliative: To mitigate pain; serving to lessen without curing, as in a treatment for cancer that makes the patient comfortable but does not cure the disease.


  • Amir- Narrator

  • Baba- Amir’s father

  • General Sahib- Friend of Baba

  • Soraya- General Sahib’s daughter

  • Jamila- General Sahib’s wife.

Chapter 11
Chapter 11

  • Amir and Baba are living in California. Amir loves living in America, while Baba on the other hand, is having a hard time adjusting to the new lifestyle.

  • Amir graduates high school and starts attending junior college where he decides to major in creative writing.

  • Baba sells his car and buys a VW bus that he and Amir use to go to garage sales and purchase items that they resell at the flea market.

  • At the flea market, Baba reunites with an old friend General Sahib. Amir meets the General’s daughter, Soraya, who he is to nervous to talk to.

Chapter 12
Chapter 12

  • When Amir finally gains the confidence to talk to Soraya, their conversation is interrupted by Jamila who invites Amir to stay and chat, but he declines and returns to Baba.

  • Baba becomes ill and is diagnosed with cancer. Baba refuses treatment and tells Amir not to speak of it.

  • Months later at the flea market, Baba had a seizure and was taken to the hospital.

  • After Baba was released from the hospital, Amir asked if Baba would go to General Sahib’s house and ask for Soraya’s hand in marriage.

  • Baba returned from the General’s home and told Amir that General Sahib approved of the marriage.

Chapter 13
Chapter 13

  • Amir and Soraya get married. The engagement was cut short due to Baba’s health.

  • Once the celebrating was over, Soraya moved in with Amir and took care of Baba. A month later Baba died.

  • Amir has one of his novels published.

  • Amir and Soraya try to have a baby. After a year of trying, they go to a doctor who calls it "unexplained infertility."

Chapter 14
Chapter 14

  • Amir receives a phone call from Rahim Khan. Rahim Khan is very sick and Amir plans to fly to Pakistan to see him.

  • Rahim Khan tells Amir that “There is a way to be good again.” Amir now knows that Rahim Khan knew about Hassan’s rape and how Amir did not stand up for Hassan.

Chapter 15
Chapter 15

  • When Amir lands in Pakistan, he takes a taxi to Rahim Khan and they talk over tea.

  • Rahim Khan tells Amir that Baba gave him their old house and how he as been living in it.

  • Rahim Khan also tells Amir that Hassan is living with him at the house.