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Introduction. Social network certainly played a role in the way of Arab spring uprisings . But its rise and its new activist uses was far less critical. Facebook had 3 major roles: People mobilization Shaping opinions Influencing change.

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  • Social network certainlyplayed a role in the way of Arabspringuprisings. But its rise and its new activist uses was far less critical.
  • Facebook had 3 major roles:
    • People mobilization
    • Shaping opinions
    • Influencing change
as a communication way
As a communication way
  • Facebook usage swelled in the Arab region betweenJanuary and April 2011
  • Facebook had been a communication way to organize protestations. Many of the calls to protest in the Arab region were initially made on Facebook
  • It allows people to go down the streets and to makerevolution. So the reason of arabuprisingswas social influence.
  • Social influencers tend to act across all media, regardless.
as an information relay
As an information relay
  • Facebook primary role is as a megaphone to relay relevant news and opinions to the broader world
  • Arab authorities made efforts to block out information, that spurred protesters more active to find ways to be more creative about communication to share the real information. Facebook allows foreign media to show “the reality”.
  • Traditional media still play a significant role in distributing news and information concerning international protest activity (As Aljazera channel ).
as a mass media
As a mass media
  • During the uprisingscitizensweresending texts, photos, and videos dispatches from their mobile phones. However, this content was largely shared directly on youtube and facebook.
  • Everyone can be a protester. He can be an actor of the revolution and can spread the information using internet.
  • Social networking had transformed political discourse for the masses. It allows a new young generation a new way of communicating.
  • In my opinion, It's basically fashionable to talk about Facebook but we don't focus on other very important elements of human life that played a role.
  • Facebookwas an initial platform for protests calls, it cannot be denied that they were factor in mobilizing movements.
  • It played a catalystroleduringarabrevolutions. But wecan not saythatitwas a facebookrevolution.
Keywords :
  • Uprisings : soulèvements
  • Certainly : sans aucun doute
  • Far lesscritical : beaucoup moins significatif / important
  • Swelled : increased
  • To tend to do : avoir tendance à faire qq chose
  • Across : à travers
  • To act : agir
  • Regardless : quand même / malgré tout / quelque soit
  • Relay : relai
  • Relevant : pertinent
  • The broaderworld : lemonde plus large