Saskatchewan s deep geothermal energy potential
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SASKATCHEWAN’S DEEP GEOTHERMAL ENERGY POTENTIAL. Brian Brunskill P.Geo Laurence Vigrass P.Eng. P.Geo. 3D BLOCK DIAGRAM OF SASKATCHEWAN. Courtesy Geological Survey of Canada. Deadwood Surface Structure. Sk Industry & Resources. Approximate Temperature at the Base of the Sedimentary Section.

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Saskatchewan s deep geothermal energy potential

Brian Brunskill P.Geo

Laurence Vigrass P.Eng. P.Geo.

Saskatchewan s deep geothermal energy potential


Courtesy Geological Survey of Canada

Deadwood surface structure
Deadwood Surface Structure

Sk Industry & Resources

Saskatchewan s deep geothermal energy potential

Sectional View of a Geothermal Heating Loop near Regina Section

Heat Exchanger Plant

Ground Level

1000 m

Source Well

Injection Well

2000 m

Deadwood Aquifer

2200 m

1000 m

Heat energy available at regina with heat pumps
Heat Energy Available at Regina with Heat Pumps Section

Water Temperature Drop from 141ºF to 65ºF = 76ºF ∆t

(61ºC to 18ºC)

Water Flow Rate of 460 usg/ m (1.75 m3/ m)

16 Million BTU/ h or 4.8 MW (thermal)

21 Tonnes Per Day of CO2 Emissions Avoided

Ratio of Energy Required to Energy Produced = 1:16

LEED Silver Commercial Building Standard

@ 16 BTU/ ft2 Base Load

1 million ft2 (92,900 m2) or 11 CFL Football Fields

from One Geothermal Loop

Paris basin france
Paris Basin, France Section

  • 34 district heating projects since 1969

  • Thermal capacity equivalent to 308 MW

  • Provides heating for over 150,000 units

  • Over 250,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions avoided

Benefits from using geothermal energy
Benefits From Using Geothermal Energy Section

  • Available for the long-term

  • Near zero greenhouse gas emissions

  • Sustainable

  • Reliable

  • Not subject to significant price volatility

  • Can be integrated with existing infrastructure

Limitations of deep geothermal
Limitations of Deep Geothermal Section

  • Energy produced is non-transportable

  • Project development requires significant upfront investment

  • Timing of development schedule

Potential uses of geothermal energy
Potential Uses of Geothermal Energy Section

  • Heating buildings in new industrial park developments

  • Heating homes in new residential subdivisions

  • Retrofitting commercial buildings

  • Pre-heating industrial boiler or process water

  • Drying ethanol plant distillers grain

  • Tourism

  • Greenhouses

  • Electricity generation

Saskatchewan s deep geothermal energy potential

NRCan 2006, SectionCanada’s Energy Outlook

Saskatchewan s deep geothermal energy potential

2005 Per-Capita CO Section2e Emissions