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Patricia Grimes – Robinhood Road

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Patricia Grimes – Robinhood Road - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Patricia Grimes – Robinhood Road. Site. Dedicated Unilever site 120 employees Pick, pack and Nationwide Distribution Cross dock for DHL Citywest The warehouse management system is Unison Interfaced with SAP RF scanning for full pallets Site is open 14 years

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Presentation Transcript
  • Dedicated Unilever site
  • 120 employees
  • Pick, pack and Nationwide Distribution
  • Cross dock for DHL Citywest
  • The warehouse management system is Unison Interfaced with SAP
  • RF scanning for full pallets
  • Site is open 14 years
  • Unilever Foods business has been with us since day 1
  • Unilever Home and personal care since 1998
quality approach
Quality - Approach
  • The RHR team has taken a very open and proactive approach to quality this year
  • This approach is given full support and encouragement from our General Manager and across all functions
  • We encourage transparency among the whole management team in order to identify our weaknesses
  • We acknowledge our weak areas without apprehension and we tackle them as a team
  • We have looked at ways of improving communication through
    • The Site Score Card
    • Site team Briefs
site score cards what is it
Site Score Cards - What is it?
  • A collection of graphical data related to site performance
  • Each Department manager must input their information daily
  • A meeting is held at 9.30 am to discuss
  • The client representative is invited to attend
  • Issues are discussed openly
  • Minutes are taken of actions
  • All managers must be on time with their figures
  • If a manager cannot attend they must nominate a representative to update and attend
site score card benefits
Site Score Card - Benefits
  • Issues are identified and discussed
  • Communication between departments is more effective
  • The client receives information that is required by them
  • The client sees that day to day issues are highlighted and managed by the team
  • Open discussion is encouraged
  • Issues are dealt with before they can escalate into more serious complaints
  • Valuable input from all is gained
site team brief what is it
Site Team Brief - What is it?
  • A presentation of information which is put together monthly
  • This is presented to small groups to allow some discussion and input
  • Each month a department manager is invited to present on an activity
  • KPI’s are presented
  • Future events are briefed
  • Awards are given to nominated persons
site team brief benefits
Site Team Brief - Benefits
  • It provides a forum at which information can be shared
  • It provides insight into other departments and what they do
  • It demonstrates to all what effects actions or omissions have on other departments
  • It involves the whole site in topics of interest and discussion
  • It creates a feeling of being part of a team
  • If provides the opportunity to people the ask questions or share knowledge
  • Through the presentation of KPI results people are inspired to improve
process improvement and training approach
Process improvement and training – Approach
  • Our approach to a new process or a change to a process is to take the following steps
    • Identify the requirement
    • Involve all stake holders in the process
    • Decide the best way forwards
    • Write the work instruction
    • Train the necessary people
    • Make the change

We do accept that there are times when changes do have to be immediate and we accept that in these cases the changes must be followed by a work instruction as quickly as possible

In this situation the activity must be monitored and controlled strictly until the process of work instruction creation/amendment is complete

client testimonial
Client Testimonial
  • In preparation for this presentation I requested some feed back from the Unilever representative on site
  • The areas in which he has noticed improvements are
    • Communication of issues
    • Reduction of service failures
    • Proactive management

The main point of his feedback was that while things do go wrong from time to time he is confident that through effective management, issues are dealt with and are less likely to re occur.

He also expressed confidence what when there is an issue that we can make the changes and monitor the situation more effectively.