cape town 2030 the business vision n.
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Cape Town 2030 : the business vision PowerPoint Presentation
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Cape Town 2030 : the business vision

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Cape Town 2030 : the business vision - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Cape Town 2030 : the business vision . Africa’s Global City, a city of inspiration & innovation. Africa’s global city : goals. Iconic & Emulated. Global African Gateway. Green & Beautiful. Creative & Cultural. Caring & Welcoming. Connected & Vibrant. Safe & Efficient.

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cape town 2030 the business vision
Cape Town 2030 : the business vision

Africa’s Global City,

a city of inspiration & innovation

africa s global city goals
Africa’s global city : goals

Iconic & Emulated

Global African Gateway

Green & Beautiful

Creative & Cultural

Caring & Welcoming

Connected & Vibrant

Safe & Efficient

Educated & Trained

global african gateway goal
Global African Gateway - goal

Cape Town is the only city in the world on “two oceans”; long known as The Tavern of the Seas it is also the gateway to Africa.

We need to embrace our identity as a global African City

It can be seen as where East meets West, and North meets South – where the best minds of developed & developing worlds exchange ideas, challenges & opportunities.

Where global businesses desire to have regional headquarters; where trade with Africa is facilitated.

global african gateway themes
Global African Gateway - themes

Cape Town as THE African business hub

A place where Africans aspire to live, work and study and play

A truly cosmopolitan, global city region

actual and potential catalytic projects
Actual and potential “catalytic” projects

Safe and Efficient

Cape Town events calendar

Safe Cape Initiative

Educated and Trained

The Skills Factory in Saldanha

TSiBA Education Trust

Support Afriversity

Work with CHEC to establish how many graduates we net lose or gain and find ways to retain them

Connected and Vibrant

Connect’d Cape Town

IT to Khayelitsha

Lobby for more direct international flights

Work with the Cape Town Partnership to establish integrated development in the city bowl; Foreshore, Culemborg, Railway lines, District Six

Caring and Welcoming

Restless Minds

Creative and Cultural

Loeries Awards

Green and Beautiful

Support Agama Energy’s TREC’s programme

Green Map for Cape Town

Upgrade and develop small harbours (with MCM)

Global African Gateway

Lobby for more direct international flights, especially into Africa

Build a cruise line terminal (support City)

Iconic and Emulated

Combined effort to develop a business brand for Cape Town in 2010

Vision 2030 Pavilion during 2010