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UrbanEars. … always describable as a classic headphone, rather than a bold design statement redefining the product category. … felt more like clothes than chromed plastics and felt good to wear in a public space. with great attention to the details. . Beats I “Who we are”.

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… always describable as a classic headphone, rather than a bold design statement redefining the product category.

… felt more like clothes than chromed plastics and felt good to wear in a public space. with great attention to the details.

Beats I “Who we are”

Urbanears makes your everyday music experience complete. We give you functional quality and acoustic performance together with a unique design. Choose from three original styles, all available in a rich palette of colors. Urbanears personalizes sound and amplifies your individual choice. In not so many words.

An Urbanears product is typically conceived through a vision of how a headphone is used and why. It could come from within in the office as well as from outside input. We thereafter work out a rough sketch on functionalities, price point and production possibilities. We constantly work on details with the feedback we get from consumers gradually improving each shipment of products.

Urbanears is a collective out of Scandinavia. Apparently they promote a deeper connection to colour, form and people while providing the freedom to transcend individuality and unify the sound experience’ Well, whatever, they make cool headphones with badass product photography!

We designed the Plattan headphone to be the perfect classic headphone, utilizing inno­vative functions and performance with today’s technology.

The Bagisis a compact version of the full Urbanears experience. It’s an earplug construction for a direct sound and efficient noise reduction.

The UrbanearsMedisheadphone is an unprecedented experience in ergonomics and functionality.

The Tantois constructed for maximum mobility without the compromise of performance, adorned with a sleek and minimalistic look.

UrbanEarsI Packaging Design

The colour of the packaging follows the same colour as the headphone. It just ads even more niceness to the branding of this product. Multiple colors & sleek design are a positive to their headphones.

Each packaging comes in the color of the product inside and the image on the front is depicted in natural size.

UrbanEarsI Special edition WIRED

Urbanears makes your everyday music experience complete. They give you functional quality and accoustic performance together with a unique design

WIRED exclusive version of the TANTO is multicolored. Constructed at random, each separate component is a different color, the package used multi colour as pattern, unlike the normal package.

UrbanEarsI Unpack

Packaging is designed to be easily disposed of and uses next to only biodegradable materials, rather than impossible to open plastic blister packs.

The concept is based on optimizing shipping and store display.

UrbanEarsI Retail shop

Granville St in Vancouver.

The Urbanears Berlin shop

M5 Store in Alberta, canada

For the package and product is colourful, the window display and exhibition centre using the light or white colourblackground

Bread & Butter in Berlin

Urbanears @ Grast in NYC

The interior design cleverly maximizes the shallow and long space. Shelves suspended from cables keep the t-shirts organized and make browsing easy.

UrbanEarsI Who use it

Young, fashionable, Musician, electronics and design. .

UrbanEarsI Advertising and product placement

The talk of Vegas at the electronics show in Vegas.

Urbanears' parent company, realizes the integration of fashion and technology and sees that headphones can strengthen a brand. It's not the first, as the rise of mobile devices has encouraged the creation of unique, personalized headphones.

Besides developing the Urbanears brand, it has partnered with Marvel, Hello Kitty, Fame, and Star Wars to design headphones that fans might wear as a reflection of their personality. Moreover, these brands are stronger by selling a product that seemingly everyone needs--headphones more exciting than the ol' earbuds.

UrbanEarsI Webpage

The webpage is clear, colourful and functionality, enabling the consumers to find the product easily.

UrbanEarsI Online shopping

Online shop is available in the official Web pages, customer can select the model or the colour as they wanted. And available in Amazon, Topstreetwear, swis-shop and etc

UrbanEarsI Oneline shop | Amazon

Customer Reviews .

These headphones are great. I love the sound and the look. They cancel out noise really well even though they aren't advertised as being able to do so. …

Customer Reviews .

Uncomfortable fit, muddy sound.I first read about these in an audiophile magazine and bought them straightaway…..

Looking for another product.

Customer can view comments as well as one- to five-star ratings submitted by previous buyers and find another product from the site

UrbanEarsI Forum | Facebook Twitter

Customer Reviews .

Some of the new 2011ss colors just dropped in here at the office. Say hello to our new friends the post-it yellow Canary, a more classic red named Tomato…

Customer Reviews .

Urbanears Headphones Forgot to tell you. They're available on the site right now. Though officially released …

Customer Reviews .

UsoaSasigainThe Plattan model in aubergine is out of stock at your store online, any chace to have them in stock again soon!?!? Thank you!!

To Kill A Star | United KingdomRT if you like to win one if these!…….

In facebook and twitter, most oft the fans and followers are Young, fashionable, Musician, electronics and design. They are talking about music, video and electronic news and etc….