The end of the world
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The end of the world. Introduction. End of the world Several ancient sources (Mayas, Chineses ) 1. The Origins : Mayan’s calendar 2. The scientists ’ theories 3. Censorship 4. 2012 in the entertainment Pierre Emmanuel Bourne. I. The origins : Mayan’s calendar.

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End of the world

Severalancient sources (Mayas, Chineses)

1. The Origins : Mayan’scalendar

2. The scientists’ theories

3. Censorship

4. 2012 in the entertainment

Pierre Emmanuel Bourne

I the origins mayan s calendar

I. The origins : Mayan’scalendar

Presentation of the Mayancivilization


Emerged in the latethird millenium BC JC

Peaked between the sixth century and the ninth AD.

Disappeared during the Spanish conquest in the sixteenth century.

Caroline Barhanin

I the origins mayan s calendar1

I. The origins : Mayan’scalendar

2. Mayan’scalendar

The Tzolkin cycle

Caroline Barhanin

I the origins mayan s calendar2

I. The origins : Mayan’scalendar

2. Mayan’scalendar

The Haab cycle

Caroline Barhanin

I the origins mayan s calendar3

I. The origins : Mayan’scalendar

3. December 21st 2012

Milestone in human history

Marks the end of cycles :

of 5 125 years  The Tzolkin cycle

of 13 years The Haab cycle

What do you think about the Mayan predictions ?

Caroline Barhanin

Ii the scientists position

II. The scientists’ position

Scientists’ theories for the end

Major destruction in 2012 due to :

- Reversal of magneticpoles

- Planetary alignment

- Solarstorm

Morgane Vergé

Ii the scientists position1

II. The scientists’ position

2. Scientists’ theoriesagainst the end

The NASA’sscientiststhink :

- Reversal of polesmayhappen in 400,000 years

- Alignemntdoes not impact life on earth

Solar storm is predicted to be no different than the previous cycles in history

Morgane Vergé

Ii the scientists position2

II. The scientists’ position

3. Why are the points of viewamongscientistssodifferent ?

Theories in science are sometimes on the opposite side

Scientists from several research centers choose different theories

Morgane Vergé

Why our society needs censorship

Why our society needs censorship?

To protect threat against peace and harmony

Reporters must be professional in the way they carry out their job

Freedom goes with its responsibility


• misinformation is being fed to the public

Anaïs Cordier

Hypothesis on government s reactions about 2012

Hypothesis on government’s reactions about 2012

The government knows a lot about the 2012 Doomsday

That gives politics something big to worry about

To avoid panic, suicides...

(example: theft, contraction of credit, abuses),

“Two teenagers said they didn't want to see the end of the world so they were thinking of ending their lives.”

Anaïs Cordier

2012 movie instrument of censorship or business

2012 movie : Instrument of censorship or business?

To reassure people by the fiction

Interrogation is a business to make money

Morality of the movie:

Money can buy your life

Anaïs Cordier

Iii 2012 in the popular culture

III. 2012 in the popular culture

2012, the movie by Roland Emmerich

The viral marketing

The "debunkers“

Episode of X-files “ the truth”

Video game “Creed”

Volume 4 of “The Silver Surfer”

Pierre Emmanuel Bourne



Has the countdown already begun to a major change?

Will it be the end of the world or the end of a world?

Will there be a disaster or will the human race evolve towards another level of consciousness?