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LUCKY MOBILE ADS. Muhammad Usman Haider. Agenda. Motivation Caution! On Mobile Ads Value Chain Ad Sponsored Services Lucky Ads Description Call Flows Lucky Ads Flexibility Lucky Ads Components Advertiser’s Perspective User’s Perspective Carrier’s Perspective Questions.

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lucky mobile ads


Muhammad Usman Haider

  • Motivation
  • Caution! On Mobile Ads
  • Value Chain
  • Ad Sponsored Services
  • Lucky Ads Description
  • Call Flows
  • Lucky Ads Flexibility
  • Lucky Ads Components
  • Advertiser’s Perspective
  • User’s Perspective
  • Carrier’s Perspective
  • Questions
motivation why mobile ads
Motivation – Why Mobile Ads
  • Success of Internet Advertisements
  • In 2006 , $871m spent on mobile ads compared with $24 billion spent on internet advertising
  • Annual expenditure on mobile ads will reach $11.4 billion by 2011
  • Mobile Ads  The next BIG thing
caution on mobile ads
Caution!! On Mobile Ads
  • Mobile Ads may invoke negative reaction from the subscribers
  • Handset – supposed to be personal device
  • Mobile Ads certainly thought to be spam as for today
mobile ads value chain
Mobile Ads - Value Chain
  • If somehow Subscriber is  with ads on mobile devices All others are
ad sponsored services give something to users if they view your ads

Claim to be the world's first advertising-supported phone company

3,000 subscribers joining per week

Blyk to be generating GBP7-9 (US$14-18) per subscriber per month in advertising revenues.

Sugar Mama by Virgin Mobile (US)

About 1,000 subscribers have signed up for the program each day

# of current subscribers : 590,000

# of minutes earned : 20,000,000

Ad Sponsored Services -- Give Something To Users If They View Your Ads
lucky ads description
Lucky Ads- Description
  • Subscribers randomly and luckily begin to receive lucky messages from the Lucky-Mobile-Ad application after disconnecting a routine call.
  • The lucky message announces along with the ad message that the last call/session ‘can be’ sponsored by XYZ sponsor.
  • This Conditional luck message is accompanied by a picture and a question about it.
  • Subscriber can chose to respond from the available choices within the allocated time.
  • As the subscriber responds to the question, the lucky application confirms the luck.
lucky ads model flexibility
Lucky Ads Model/Flexibility
  • A subscriber doesn’t know when, how, where she will be experiencing LUCK
  • Ads come only when they accompany FREE air-time or other Lucky incentives
  • Promised Luck can be anything and not just free air-time ( e.g. rebate coupons, free lunch etc.)
  • Luck can be applied on anything and not just on voice calls (any charged application/session)
lucky ads flexibility
Lucky Ads Flexibility
  • User can customize luck sponsor categories, timings e.g., (weekends/ nights /lunch time) etc.
  • User can join/quit enable/disable lucky ads any time.
  • The frequency and relevance of ads varies with each user and initially the frequency is set to minimum threshold.
  • increases only with the behavior, profile and feedback of the subscriber towards the maximum threshold.
  • Subscribers are encouraged to increase their chances of hunting luck by luck enhancement factors like

- Replying to advertisement.

- Choosing diversified luck sponsors.

  • Luck Sponsor’s profile provides advertisers also the options to customize the sponsorship e.g., target audience by gender/age/interests etc.
lucky ads components
Lucky Ads Components
  • Lucky AD Application Server

The main components of the application server include:

    • Luck Logic module.
    • Advertisement Relevance module.
    • Luck/Response History Maintenance.
    • Billing Information module.
    • Subscriber’s Interaction module.
lucky ads components contd
Lucky Ads Components contd..
  • Subscriber’s Wanna-be-lucky profile
  • Luck-Sponsor profile
  • Luck Bags
  • Luck History
  • Response History
  • Billing Call Data Records
advertiser s perspective
Advertiser’s Perspective
  • Marketers hail the mobile phone as advertising's promised land
  • Assurance of Ads being heard by desired audience
  • Making prospective customer passively wait for our Ads
  • Competition among the advertisers
  • Highly Targeted Ads by

-- Co-relating advertiser and user profiles

  • Two way Dialogue with user can be used for

facts sharing, survey, publicity, marketing, market research, quiz, discounts, voting games and lot many other options.

user s perspective
User’s Perspective
  • Everybody loves ‘for-free’ and desires to be lucky.
  • Ads only from favorite luck-sponsor categories of the user
  • See, how many free calls I get today.
  • How can I get more and more lucky incentives?
  • The more I respond to ads, the more, lucky I am.
carrier s perspective
Carrier’s Perspective
  • Lucky calls sponsored by Advertisers
  • Additional source of revenue
  • Customer retention
  • Attracting new customer base in pre-paid circle
  • Increased network utilization
  • Help introduce new (expensive applications)