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FPG Intranet V? PowerPoint Presentation
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FPG Intranet V?

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FPG Intranet V? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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FPG Intranet V?
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  1. FPG Intranet V? November 2006 Update

  2. Starting Points Can be anywhere in a spiral design.  Three areas I see as being FPG starting points are: • Creating an Intranet Identity- whereas continuity leads to usability (quicker\easier to use) which in turn generates value-also yields a cohesive product, or referent, which people can define and refer to • Leveraging and Re-Purposing Existing Content-content defined as existing applications, documents, images (e.g. "highlights" within the external site's news section)-evolving from a portal to a dashboard by bringing relevant "content "up from the depths to be displayed on the main page • Improving Navigation-creating group-based navigation

  3. Next Steps Things that can happen now • Start building an Identity (create templates for html, pdfs, docs, apps while at the same time "humanizing" the site [it is internal]) • Find one or two content items to bring forward to the landing page (leave plenty flexible home page real-estate for future dev) • Focus on group personalization first; start with group navigation (recommend focus group card sorting) to existing group content (do not skip to user personaliztion first; resources will be be consumed by developing features used by few)

  4. Simultanesouly, create a Project Roadmap “…as to not 'spiral out of control', 'downward' or 'sideways'; defining a clear direction with some time specification…” • Define usage scenarios (usage situations vary), • Do user research (can reap web statistics [secondary] and/or perform surveys, focus groups, interviews [primary]) while at the same time manage expectations, • Define and then prioritize features (near-term, long-term, no-term), • Develop, test and deploy in batches (spiral, not waterfall), • Architect the site to enable usage monitoring, • Monitor usage, • Build on, and bring successes forward, • Focus on long-term goals of enabling digital dashboards and real-time, collaboration

  5. Sample Content News Module (‘portlet’) http://www.fpg.unc.edu/~intranet/2006_new/assets/modules/mod_News.cfm Bulletin Board Module (‘portlet’) http://www.fpg.unc.edu/~intranet/2006_new/assets/modules/mod_BulletinBoard.cfm (announcements to be added)

  6. Join Us! Card Sorting Exercise / Indexing Design Content Creators Word of Mouth