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Professional Stone Chip Repair and Its Advantages PowerPoint Presentation
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Professional Stone Chip Repair and Its Advantages

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Professional Stone Chip Repair and Its Advantages - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Making stone chips disappear is almost impossible. This is especially true when they have penetrated your paint quite deeply and you don\'t have the appropriate tools to get them off. Click through these slides to find out why it pays to seek professional stone chip repair.

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so what s the difference between getting

So what's the difference between getting a professional to repair the stone chip on your

car as opposed to doing it yourself? Colour matching is critical of course with generic

touch up paint being matched only to the brand new colour and does not allow for the

age of the vehicle, any previous repairs, colour blending and slight colour variations.

Stone chip repairs are part science, part art and part passion. These are the keys to a

professional touch up.

Depending on the size, the location and your personal level of comfort, it may be time to

call the professionals. With the reputation built over 25 years and over two million

repairs, who would you trust with your pride and joy?

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Master Franchisee Martin Smith briefly expounds on

why you should get professional stone chip repair.

getting a stone chip repair is always best done

Getting a stone chip repair is

always best done professionally,

as it prevents further damage.

Contact us today to find out how

we can help.