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How to Deal with a Minor Car Accident PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Deal with a Minor Car Accident

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How to Deal with a Minor Car Accident - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Car accidents are unexpected and often frightening. They are so common that even the best drivers on the road can be victims, too. So what do you do do when you experience or witness one? Click through this presentation to find out.

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emotions are often high at the scene

Emotions are often high at the scene of a collision even if it's a car park incident, and it's

very important to gather the facts before you leave the scene. Even though bumpers are

designed to be flexible and rebound from an impact, underlying damage to sensor

technology may not be visible and go unnoticed.

Ensure you gather some important details. Firstly the driver's name and contact number

as well as a quick photo on your smartphone of the rego plate and the make and the

model of their vehicle. Grab another photo of the damage to both vehicles, and if

possible a wide shot of the scenario showing the positions. You could also take a quick

audio note of what happened in your own words. And if you've caused the damage then

do the right thing and leave a note on the windscreen. Ensure you get your bumper

looked at by a professional to assess the visible and potential hidden damage before

you incur an expensive mistake. Get your bumper looking like new and ensure

everything is working as it should.

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CEO Glen Hawken shares a quick list of things to do

when you witness a minor car accident.

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