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How to Best Repair Bird Poop Damage PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Best Repair Bird Poop Damage

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How to Best Repair Bird Poop Damage - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Protecting your car from bird poop is impossible especially when you often park outdoors. But you sure can keep your car from having severe bird poop damage by providing immediate care. Check out these slides for some quick and easy tips.

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did you know that the uric acid in bird

Did you know that the uric acid in bird poo can start to etch into a car’s paintwork within

minutes depending on the acid level? Remove immediately with soapy water and a soft

cloth rag if the poo is still in a liquid form. Ifdry, it is best to place a drenched soft cloth

rag on top for a few minutes then carefully pinch the cloth inwards with your fingers

and lift the contents. Repeat the process until all is removed. Don’t be tempted to scrub

as dry particles like seeds will damage the paintwork further.

If etching has occurred, a cut and polish may repair the damage. But if more serious a

re spray may be the only solution. Act fast to save money and don’t forget a high

quality paint protection will buy you more time and save your paintwork. If it‘s been on

there for more than a day, then call the Touch Up Guys today and we can assess the

damage for you.

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General Manager Paul Hawken shares some quick

and easy tips for repairing bird poop damage.

we can help you keep your car looking like

We can help you keep your car looking

like new. Visit our services page to find

out how a buff and polish can restore

your car’s shine.