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How to Avoid Car Park Damage PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Avoid Car Park Damage

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How to Avoid Car Park Damage - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Not only can car park dings diminish the value of your car, it can also put an alarming dent in your wallet. Click through this presentation for some quick and easy tips on how to avoid car park damages.

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low impact damage makes up one in seven insurance

Low impact damage makes up one in seven insurance claims and no doubt much more

goes unreported, so here are some simple tips for minimizing damage in a car park.

Choose carefully where you park, as parking next to a large vehicle or a two-door coupe

may be asking for trouble from door openings. Watch out for parking spaces with poles

or bollards in front. Take note of aligning your car with the vehicle beside to avoid parking

too far forward. If it is a tight spot, then consider pulling in the mirrors, which most cars

now allow for. Be sure to park as central as possible and if an adjacent car is already

near the line, then perhaps choose another spot. If parking forward into a wall, turn your

headlights on to gauge the distance as you slowly approach and don't be afraid to get

out and double check. For those who love their car, park way down the end on your own

for peace of mind and enjoy some extra exercise.

If you have damaged your car, give Touch Up Guys a call and we can come and help

you assess the damage.

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CEO Glen Hawken shares his top tips for minimising

damages that often happen in a car park.

owning a car requires basic knowledge and proper

Owning a car requires basic

knowledge and proper care. Check

out our blog today for more helpful

car safety and maintenance tips.