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Driveway Scraping: Ways to Avoid It PowerPoint Presentation
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Driveway Scraping: Ways to Avoid It

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Driveway Scraping: Ways to Avoid It - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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While entering and leaving the driveway can cause scraping damages to your car, it\'s something that can easily be avoided. Click through this presentation for some of the best tips on how to avoid driveway scraping.

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many driveway entrances are steep and it s very

Many driveway entrances are steep and it's very common to scrape the underside of the

bumper even on unlowered vehicles. Before getting out the concrete cutter, which will

likely result in a council fine, here are some options to reduce the scraping.

Install council compliant gutter ramps, which allow for drainage. Or the cheapest option

is to simply drive very slowly at an angle of 45 degrees or greater with full steering lock.

The same applies to reversing your vehicle: slowly at a similar 45 degree or greater

angle. Unfortunately accidents happen. So if you've had one, call the Touch Up Guys


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Master Franchisee Martin Smith briefly discusses how

to protect your car from driveway dents/scuffs.

get your bumper damage repaired by a pro call

Get your bumper damage repaired by a pro.

Call us today at 1300 286 824 to chat with

one of our auto repair experts.