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Children Safety Advice for Parents Who Drive PowerPoint Presentation
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Children Safety Advice for Parents Who Drive

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Children Safety Advice for Parents Who Drive - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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It\'s always imperative for parents to observe their children\'s safety when driving. While some car accidents can\'t be avoided, a lot of them can be prevented by taking simple precautions. Click through this presentation to find out what they are.

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driving aids are a great help for every driver

Driving aids are a great help for every driver for reversing. Most common now are

reversing cameras. However, clients with cameras still desire the audible aids as well.

Unfortunately, we still see many clients with bumper damage as they become

complacent with the sensors. So ensure they are treated only as an aid and not as an

excuse for ignorance.

Here are some tips to help protect those around you. Always know where your children

are before you drive your vehicle. Always check your mirrors and reversing camera

before moving. Always reverse slowly, as in crawling. Educate your children on the

dangers of walking behind cars or across driveways without looking. Install a set of

reversing sensors. Again, if you already have reversing sensors installed, don’t become

complacent with the warning sounds. Drive safe.

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CEO Glen Hawken explains how you can protect

everyone around you when driving a car in reverse.

ensure the safety of your children

Ensure the safety of your children

and pedestrians while reversing. Visit

our website today to learn more about

our reliable safety parking sensors.