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Bumper Color Mismatch: Repair Advice PowerPoint Presentation
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Bumper Color Mismatch: Repair Advice

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Bumper Color Mismatch: Repair Advice - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Bumper color mismatch is common among cars that have been manufactured in separate factories through different automated techniques. While this may not be that much of a serious problem, it is a common concern among car owners who like their cars to always look their best. Check out this presentation for some advice.

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have you ever noticed your bumper or someone else

Have you ever noticed your bumper, or someone else’s bumper is a slightly different

colour to the rest of the car? It’s more common than you might think. Modern vehicle

manufacturing uses a lot of automation, including robots that now paint most new cars.

In the case of bumpers, many are painted in a different factory and fitted to the vehicle

towards the end of the assembly process. This can often result in slightly different

shades once shown side by side.

If you need a minor repair, make sure you call an expert to precisely colour match and

repair your pride and joy. We are happy to help any time.

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General Manager Paul Hawken talks about bumper

color mismatch and shares tips on how to fix it.

need help with your bumper call us today to chat

Need help with your bumper? Call us

today to chat with an expert about how to

repair minor bumper damage.